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Meera claims that her daily expenditure is Rs. 100

Yet another funniest claim by Meera. Meera claims that her daily expenditure is Rs. 100 and she does not spends more than this amount. Isn’t funny??? Rather one would say: Are you nuts? But with this claim Meera can be called as the most spendthrift actress of the country. But now the question is what made this fact revealed. According to the sources it is reported that recently Meera has been asked to show her assets by the FBR. However, instead of revealing her true assets she said that is a very ordinary citizen who does not has her own car. This sounds pretty astonishing rather she has provided yet another chance to make people laugh at her.

Saudi Court Splits the Breastfeeding Kindred Couple After 25 years

Recently, a Breastfeeding Kindred Couple got divorced after 25 years in Saudi Arabia. According to Arab TV they got married 25 years ago and they had 7 children. Their case had been remaining under discussion for three months according to Saudi Gazette report, on the grounds that they are siblings who have been breastfed by the same woman during their infantry, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Survival Story: Miner Found Alive After 17 Years Underground in China

Cheung Wai, a 59-year old man, who miraculously survived underground for 17 long years has been discovered by a group of coal miners from the western province of Xinjiang.

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless Celebrations!

The UEFA Champions League final 2014 started with a bang with both sides doing quite not their best to bag that beautiful trophy may be due to its well known pressure which victimize the players. The hero changed so many times throughout the game. For so long, Godin”s goal in the first 40 minutes seemed set to etch his name in history, especially after his strike against Barcelona in the Liga decider. But then Sergio Ramos stepped up with a header quite literally at the death, to add to his double in the second leg of the semi final. That header equalizer in the extra time saved Real Madrid from a shameful loss.

Now Enjoy Exciting Ufone Internet Packages

Internet is the basic necessity of the present day era. Ufone internet packages are the best and cheapest among all other inter packages that are offered by other cellular networks of Pakistan. All the ufone internet packages are designed according the basic and required necessities of customers that can serve them in the best possible ways. Customers can enjoy the internet packages i.e. prepaid as well as the postpaid internet packages offered by the uprising already very successful network of Pakistan which is ufone. By accessing to the ufone internet packages, you will be able to send emails to your contacts. The whole internet world will be in your pocket. Along with it, you can also connect to the various social media sites. Need not to miss the buzz!

Kick Storo – Let your fingers do the walking!

E-commerce has come a long way in the last 15 years. As technology continues at a rapid pace, pioneering ecommerce stores harness new techniques and facilities to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun. There is an industry steadily and deliberately growing around the idea of supporting and providing services to enable small scale and medium scale businesses to thrive. One of the innovative and supportive roles provided for online shops, particularly those hanging in on Facebook, is Kick Storo.

The Curse Of Opal Stone

Opal stone encased in a precious metal would be the most beautiful things you have ever seen. Opal is one of the most mesmerizing gemstones in the world and the birthstone of  October. The meaning of Opal is “change of color precious stone”. But do you know this precious stone can bring bad luck to you because many nation consider it a cursed stone.

“Dhaani” a theatre play reflecting Pakistani culture

With Pakistan’s drama and film industry flourishing at it’s best there we come across “Dhaani” a theatre comedy play presented by ArtTainment Productions in co-sponsorship with Geo TV, Jang group and other well-known brands.

3G and 4G Technology in Pakistan

Advent of 3G and 4G Technology in Pakistan

The news of the advent of 3G and 4G Technology in Pakistan has been roaming around on our social media and newspapers from the last couple of weeks. 3G and 4G are two of the most mysterious features in the mobile technology dictionary but they both are used as a cell selling term relentlessly to raise its market. Now we all fancy smartphones with latest technologies and are into upgrading it. The trend has risen up in Pakistan more specifically among Pakistani Youth to acquire and enjoy a fully loaded luxury device. we were happy using packet data and Wi-fi to keep track with the e-happenings but as for now, the red hot talks about 3G and 4G network coming to Pakistan and who’s the highest bidder, what exactly do these networks do and how will they be beneficial; we all are very much eager to know.

Effect of Music

Effect of Music on Youth

Considering the present era, the basic necessities of life are not just food, shelter and clothes but music too somewhat conserve its place into it. Hardly a day passes by , when we keep our ears deprived of the basic necessity; music that is. It wakes us up in morning, we sleep with those tunes waving in our ears, soothing us when we feel down and depressed. From infancy to adulthood music play an important part on our lives. Its a vital socialization tool, and its frequency has escalated over the last 3 to 4 decades like a snowball. Being such a staple among youth, which is shaping their life and perception towards the wrong conception of right or wrong, it looks like each teenager has his/her own soundtrack which they could relate themselves with. The question is are they just innocently listening to their favorite music or is it, infact influencing their behaviour?
Well, everything has a positive and negative side to it. In this particular article we are focusing the negative impact of music in effecting the behavior of our youth.


Why Suicide Attempts are Increasing Day by Day?

Why number of suicides attempts are increasing day by day specially in Muslim community. Are these people unaware of the teachings of Islam? Are they unaware from the fact that suicide is prohibited in Islam? Or do they not know the consequences of suicide attempts after death?

effectiveness of music

How Music Effect Teens?

Music is the soul of our teens. Its effects on teens in a different ways some like good or some may be bad. There are many types of music out their like pop, rap, rock, country, alternative and some of the different types in the world. Music gives us good or bad messages that effect on peoples act. Friends have similar taste in music but most of the people have different taste because of their own choice and they will argue about what they think is better.

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