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dahi baday

Recipe of Lucknowi Dahi Bade

Lucknowi Dahi Bade:

Dahi bade is very common and simple dish in every season. It is very easy to make. It’s a dish in which a stuffed tender dumplings in spicy yogurt sauce is prepared. This recipe is can be made by following these instructions given below.

Hyderabadi Bhagaru Baingan

Recipe of Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan

Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan:

Today’s recipe is from a Mughal trend. A classic Mughal dish of Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan. This dish originate from the Mughal era. And they are fond of food. This is very simple, tasty and spicy recipe which can be ready in 30 minutes. Here are all the instructions regarding this recipe.

Recipe of Bihari Kabab

Bihari kabab is one of the popular and delightful Pakistani recipes. You will discover this in Food street, Lahore and many other locations of Pakistan it’s so spicy and delightful that it will make your day vibrant.

Mutton (Gosht) Biryani

Biryani is a bit of project and is time consuming but I have never been disappointed with the result. Since it is such a festival dish. We usually make it for dinner parties. It is a huge hit.

afghani pulao

Recipe of Afghani Pulao

Afghani Pulao is the one of those dishes which are famous in Pakistan. This pulao is having a little bit sweetish taste because of its specialty. It is very easy to cook at home. Its procedure is almost same as simple pulao have. Below are some instructions to make Afghani pulao.

Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Soup is a very important food item in winter season. In winter season soup keeps us warm and every one appreciate it very much. Maize is very excellent for your health. So here  is a very delightful maize lovely formula.

ande ka halwa

Recipe of Ande Ka Halwa

Sweets are of two types. Some sweets are eaten after being chilled and some before chilled. How many of you people are from Pakistan or India???? If you are not from these countries then you will be surprised after reading or hearing the word Egg halwa. Because this recipe is not so common at anywhere. But the fact is that it really exists. It is very common dish in Pakistan and India. As we all know that halwa is from one of those dishes with are eaten before chilling. Egg halwa is very delicious dish and it gives us energy also. It’s very easy to make in few minutes.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna is one of the most popular item around the world. From the outlook, it look like it is impossible to make Lasagna at home. But the truth is Lasagna is very easy to made. Today I am sharing a very simple and delicious recipe of Sweet and Sour Chicken Lasagna. All the ingredients for this recipe are available everywhere and you can easily buy them. I hope it will be helpful for all of you.

Kuwaiti Biryani Recipe

Biryani is considered to be the most popular food item in Pakistan. We all try different types of biryani recipes at home. Today I am going to share a different and yummy recipe of Kuwaiti Biryani with you. It is so delicious that you all are going to love it. Just follow the directions properly and you will make perfect biryani in first attempt. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Rangeen Biryani Recipe

Rice are always very much loved no matter in what way they are cooked. Whether they are having some desi taste or you opt for some international recipe to cook them; rice are always loved. And when it comes to Biryani, one doesn’t simply resist it. So for all the lovers of rice, here we have a latest recipe for you to try and enjoy. Rangeen Biryani is going to be the next favorite dish of you in the rice category.

Kashmiri Namkeen Chicken

Chicken is liked all over the world very much. Specially here in Pakistan, we can have numerous recipes made with chicken depending upon our taste. Also, as our country is consisting of various regional tastes, we can have a lot more ways to cook one simple chicken. Kashmiris have very different taste and they cook their food in very unique way. One of such recipes is here below. You are for sure going to love it and try it as soon as you can! Kashmiri Namkeen Chicken is one of most delicious dishes you will ever taste.

Chicken Boneless Malai Handi – Recipe

Chicken is one of the most favourite dishes, mostly people like it, and cook it, because this is a delicious dish.

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