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9 of the Most Attractive Politicians in the World

Politics isn’t always pretty, but there are at least a few politicians around the world trying to change that. Don’t expect the actual debates or fighting to get any better, but at least it can sometimes be a little easier on the eyes. Here are 9 of the most attractive politicians from around the world.

Holocaust Facts and Palestine Conflict

Holocaust (“Sacrifice for fire”) started in 1933 by Hitler and ended in 1945 when Germany was defeated by Allied forces. This issue in history mainly is referred to Nazi’s government who was involved in the plan of the slaughter of Jews by using gas chamber in World War II.

15th August 2013 Islamabad Incident

Islamabad incident shows the sheer negligence of police and law enforcement agencies. One man held Islamabad hostage for nearly 5 hours. The complete administration of federal capital got shocked and jammed for a while and no government representative turned up and dared to negotiate with the armed man. The armed man is believed to have some hidden agenda. Sikandar was accompanied by his wife and children.

Be Patient, Young Voter!

Protests, protests everywhere!

Ever since the announcement of results of General Elections 2013, there have been widespread protests all over the country. These protesters complain of rigging and beseech the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct re-polling in the shadiest areas. All is well till this part but things start getting murkier when these so-called educated elite of our country start harassing the media and indulge in skirmishes with the supporters of the rival parties. This behavior is certainly condemnable and must be discouraged.

Pakistan Election Results 2013 Live Updates

Right now the election commission hasn’t declared the complete results of election 2013 in Pakistan. But we are bringing live updates about Pakistan Election Results 2013. Follow the table below to check who is winning and who is loosing.

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