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Samsung launches Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Pakistan

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Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge yesterday in Pakistan. The launch party was hosted in Royal Palm, Lahore. Details of the event and the ceremonial launch are as follows:

Umer Akmal – An Enthusiatic Pakistani Player.

Umer Akmal is a striker player and he is playing in Pakistan  Cricket Team since, 2009. He played his first match at the age of 19. He usually played at fifth and sixth position. He has a talent to enhance the performance up-to a good level, to make mark on the history of cricket. He started his test career against the New Zealand.

Veena’s Son has set a Record!!!!!

Veena Malik’s newly born baby has become the youngest personality who has his fan page on Facebook. Pakistani actress Veena Malik gave birth to a baby boy in hospital in Virginia, USA. Veena Malik wants to see his son Abram Khan Khattak as a super star in future. Her manager Sohail Rashid told media that Abram Khan’s page was created on Veena’s wish. Thousands of people liked his page and wished the newly born baby.

YouTube ban in Pakistan enters its third consecutive year

Hey girl look I have made this coiling card for your birthday!

Yeahh! Now I know how to make steam engine model for my project!

Digital Media Marketing in Pakistan

Those days are gone when people would be aware of only those products that you wanted them to know about. But now we all are aware of the new trends in marketing; moving from traditional to digital with a continuous evolution going on. People have now more access to information due to rapid development in technology with new innovations.

Rehman Malik and Dr Ramesh Kumar

People kicked Rehman Malik & Dr. Ramesh off the airpalne for being late

The incident took place on Monday when PIA flight was scheduled from Karachi to Islamabad. The PIA flight PK-370 was to take off at 7 PM but was delayed or nearly two hours. The passengers got furious and forced out the former interior Minister Rehman Malik and PMLN’s Dr Ramesh Kumar  for causing delay.

mathira baby child

Mathira Gave Birth to a Baby Boy in Pakistan

I guess we all know who Mathira is. For those who are still unaware of the fact, let me just say, she is an infamous artist in Pakistan. She is a good deal of bold and exposing one. Not really an appreciated factor, of-course. But as soon as we got the report of her giving birth to a baby boy we rushed out of our beds to report & cover the whole story.

Mobile Phone Service to be Blocked Once Again in Pakistan

Mobile phone services will be blocked on 21 Ramazan-ul-Mubarak in Pakistan as part of security arrangements for Yaum-e-Ali (R.A). Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) sources told that all mobile phone service providers have already been instructed to block mobile phone services on account of security reasons for Yaum-e-Ali (R.A).

Meera claims that her daily expenditure is Rs. 100

Yet another funniest claim by Meera. Meera claims that her daily expenditure is Rs. 100 and she does not spends more than this amount. Isn’t funny??? Rather one would say: Are you nuts? But with this claim Meera can be called as the most spendthrift actress of the country. But now the question is what made this fact revealed. According to the sources it is reported that recently Meera has been asked to show her assets by the FBR. However, instead of revealing her true assets she said that is a very ordinary citizen who does not has her own car. This sounds pretty astonishing rather she has provided yet another chance to make people laugh at her.

Traces of Pig’s DNA Found in Cadbury’s Products

Yet another important fact has been unveiled which has again played with the sentiments of Muslims all over the world. Malaysia’s chocolate manufacturing company Cadbury has been caught with traces of pig’s DNA in its products. Let’s not forget the fact that pig has been forbidden in Islam and we find strict condemnation against swine in our religion. This is a direct attack on Muslims and a massive reaction is observed from Muslims in different parts of the world.

The Pakistan Coast Guards Rescued 15 Passengers and Crew of a Sinking Boat

The Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) rescued all 15 passengers and crew of a sinking boat off Kaemari close to Baba Bhit Island on Saturday. A PCG spokesman told APP that the boat was reportedly in dilapidated condition and was overcrowded with passengers (Hundreds of people use such boats daily to ferry between Kemari and the Manora island) they were struggling to refrain more people from getting onto it as there was no space, during this hussle, the boat lost its balance and consequently sank in the water. The boat name was Al Chandani and it was proceeding to Baba Bhit Island from Keamari (a local destination). The Pakistan Coast Guards successfully rescued a total of 15 passengers as per the reports. Recently, there were 3 to 4 reports roaming aroung social media about their saving spree. A passenger boat capsized off the cost of Kemari in which several people including women and children are feared drowned. According to details, around 55 to 60 people were travelling in the boat of which rescue officials have saved 40 people while search for others is underway.The boat was travelling from Kemari to Manora. After the incident Pakistan Navy, KPT officials immediately launched a massive rescue operation. As many as sixteen people rescued while search for two others underway after a boat capsized. According to Maritime Security Agency‚ eighteen on board were rescued while search for other two is going on The boat was traveling from Fish Harbour to Baba Bhat. Such incidents happen on daily basis but based on the mentioned reports Pakistan Coast Guards are seemingly working hard and doing justice with their post of saving people from such collateral damages but God Forbidden if something happens the Coast Guard is not at the centre of the allegations. The target is and should be their superior officers as well as those to whom the latter are accountable. It is an act of political immorality to displace responsibility on the Coast Guard men who are executing orders. Perhaps the orders are not written down but the practice suggests they are very clear.

Adidas Brazuca Being Made in Pakistan: CNN Proud Moment

Pakistan may be known as a cricketing nation but not many know that the soccer balls for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be imported from the 159th-ranked football nation. According to Brazilian Ambassador Alfredo Leoni, there is potential for cooperation between Brazil and Pakistan in terms of football coaching and training — a transfer of skills that might one day see the Pakistan national team qualify for the world’s biggest sporting contest.

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