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Brand Consciousness Among People

It is  being  said that Pakistan is a developing country and most of the people are deprived of even the basic and essential needs of life. They do not  have food to eat and the dress to wear. But still our society is very much conscious about brand. They do not have anything important to do instead of dying on this piece of shit.

Health Benefits of Grape Fruit


Grape Fruit is a subtropical citrus fruit. It grows in cluster like grapes so that it named after grapes. It was first cultivated in Barbados in West Indies. As it belongs to a citrus family it naturally derives from cross-breeding between Orange and Pomelo. It has sour and bitter in taste but it has many healthy benefits & this is the topic of today, that is we will be discussing some Health Benefits of Grape Fruit. Its flesh is sliced like orange but it skin is quite thick and tough to cut. It is very juicy and it varies in three different colors red, pink and white. It is full of vitamin C and is very acidic but its not the only benefit it has several other nutritional benefits that we can only get from natural fruits that Allah has given to us.

Elegant Lace Nail Art Ideas 2014

Nail art is a type of art in which we paint our nails. It is a creative yet an attractive activity for many girls. Painting finger and toe nails are considered as a popular fashion for many years. Girls and women design their nails with elegant, bold and beautiful colors that are related to their outfits. In the beginning it seemed like its very difficult to apply but now every color and every texture of nail colors are available in cosmetic shops. In latest nail art designs bright, attractive, fancy and elegant colors have been used. Nail art have unique and stunning color patterns. Girls always want to boost up their nails and they try hard for difficult and unique color patterns but most of them fail to do so. One form of nail art is the Lace Nail Art and today we will be displaying some of the Elegant Lace Nail Art Ideas 2014.

old drama

Revival of Pakistani Dramas

There was a time when famous Pakistani dramas made people sit in their homes without moving an inch from their place. Pakistani media played a major role in producing the unforgettable and realistic dramas that inspired the generations. Pakistan television started a trend of making classic dramas with the help of awesome writers, power full direction, and multi talented actors. But due to some reasons our drama industry was affected but by the Grace of Almighty got revived. So, today we will be discussing about the Revival of Pakistani Dramas.pakistani dramas

Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs For Wedding 2014

Mehndi is one of the most essential part of our wedding culture. Mehndi is also the sunnah and it is one of the most ancient art of decorating your hands. With the change of geographical and cultural conditions mehandi varies in its art and design. Above all of them Arabic Mehandi designs are the most primitive yet trendy ones. So today we will show you some Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs For Wedding 2014.

Latest Short Shirt Trends 2014

Fashion is a popular style which is followed today in clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, hair and makeup etc. We see change in fashion trends almost everyday. Latest trends in fashion depict your personality. It has a strong influence on the behavior and attitude of people. Fashion is generally described for clothing. At every change of season we meet new collection and trends of fashion. Variation in style and trends can be seen now a days. Someone wears an outfit that is not in fashion then it can spoil their personality. Over a long period of time we see that long shirts we in trend. It has been more than 7 years that we are seeing long shirts but now this trends demands a change. Hence, short shirts are replacing them and in this collection we will be displaying the Latest Short Shirt Trends 2014.

Different Styles of Braids

Are you looking for some change in your hairstyle? If you are bored of your old look then you need not to worry. We will tell you about some Different Styles of Braids in this piece of content today. Braids are the way through which you can bunch and tie your hair in the form of some long cuts which gives you a perfect decent look. Over the last years the only braid style that was followed was the most simplest one. But today, you can see many different, unique and artistic styles of braids.

Collection of High Heel Shoes for Women 2014

Are you a shoe freak??? Are you crazy about wearing high heals??? Are you waiting for the latest high heels collection for women??? We assure you will get answers to all of your questions here in this post which will feature Collection of High Heel Shoes for Women 2014. The trend of high heels has been always there and they are never considered as out dated. In this article we will discuss about the new trend of high heels among the women’s world. This high heel collection is for formal, casual, marriages, traditional and other occasions. Every girl and woman want to choose trendy pair of shoes which can compliment her dress, sandals, goggles, nail art, hairstyles and much more. Wearing high heels is not only fashion but also the solution for all girls with short heights.

mood swings

Mood Swings & their Reasons

Have you ever thought that What are Mood Swings & their Reasons? Mood swings are defined as Emotions and Fluctuations in moods. During these people facial expressions change drastically in their life, some are bad and some are good for them. The term “mood swing” is used to describe the emotional terms and it’s also a kind of reactions. These emotional terms and reactions are different in gender because of the multiples reasons. Some are discussed below:mood swings

Recipe of Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

Lasagna is one of the oldest form of pasta. It is wide and flat shaped pasta. It belongs to the category of traditional Italian dish. This healthy, delicious and unique dish can be easily made at home. You can wet your appetite with this mouth-watering Recipe of Cheesy Chicken Lasagna.

Recipe of Espresso Fudge Cake

I was deciding a gift fro my sister on her birthday. Then I thought to bake a cake for her as she is a chocolate lover so I found out different recipes of chocolate cakes through net and then decided a cake for her which will look really yummillicious. The cake was Espresso fudge cake. And hence I decided to share with our readers the Recipe of Espresso Fudge Cake. I am sharing this recipe with all of you so that you can give the same surprise like I did and I am sure you will like it. Espresso is coffee which is mixed in boiling water under pressure through strong coffee beans. It is delicious and mouth watering cake it serves 3-4 people and can be prepared almost in half an hour.

morning show

Morning Shows in Pakistan

Golden times were those when we have only one channel PTV.  People waited desperately for their favorite shows that were broadcasted once in a week. At that time one thing that we had was Standard. Standard content was displayed on TV and yes you can enjoy it with your family, with the course of time PTV introduced its morning transmission that was Pakistan’s first morning show. So, today we will discuss the Morning Shows in Pakistan. Morning shows in Pakistan are aggravating their standards  day by day. The basic purpose of this show was information with entertainment and grooming of both kids and their mothers. These shows were intellectual ones and hosted by Mentally Groomed anchors those people knew the ethics and etiquette. Most crucial thing is that they knew that they are broadcasting their selves on a national television.

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