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How Effects of Aging Can be Prevented?

Aging is a process which occurs during the lifespan of every individual. Everyone goes through this process of aging since his/her childhood till his/her death. No one can escape this process of aging. The only thing you can do is you can slow down the process of aging. This slowed down process will give you more energy and you will be able to lead more happy and energetic life. Today we are going to tell you that How Effects of Aging Can be Prevented?

blood sugar diabetes

Diet for Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes ?

Gestational diabetes is also known as Gestational Diet Mellitus (GDM). IT is a condition in which a woman during her pregnancy gets diabetes. This diabetics condition has spread all over the world, five percent of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes. As, Its a delicate period for the mother, if she keeps her sugar level under control, she need not worry about her delivery. The level of sugar should be checked entirely to keep the complication away during the delivery period. Blood sugar can be controlled by exercise, medicines and diet. So, here we will discuss the blood sugar control by diet.

Best Diet for Blood Pressure Patients

In this daily routine and busy life, one has no time to take care of his health. Today there are many serious diseases caught by people. Blood Pressure is one of them. It is commonly found in both youngsters and elders. Though, medicine can cure the diseases but there are also some options which can keep you healthy and fit. And you can live more than your expected age. Following are some balancing diet pattern which should be followed by blood pressure patients.

Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is just like green tea. All varieties of tea are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. Today, India , China, and Sri Lanka are of the world largest producers of black tea.There are some benefits of black tea which helpful for our skin and health. They maintain connectivity between tissues, and they prevent heart diseases and cancer.

Health Benefits of Honey

The harms of sugar have been so widely publicized by media that people mistakenly consider “sweet” bad for health while refined sugar is neither harmful nor toxic to health. Nature provides delicious variety of natural sugars in form of fruits, vegetables and honey that promote good health.

Skin Care For Winter

Beautiful and glowing skin is the dream of everyone especially for women. And weather had a great effect on our skin. Summer makes our skin mostly oily, spring moderate and winter makes our skin dry and rough. So Skin Care in winter must be pinned in our routine.

How Light Effects our Sleep?

Sleep can be described as a state of body and mind, in which the eyes are usually closed and consciousness is partially or totally lost. During this body has no movement and is infrequently responsive to external stimuli. During sleep the brain undergoes a state of dream. Changes in the environment like excessive noise, anxiety and pressure effects the sleep levels. But major factor which effects our sleep is light sleep1

Recipe Of Cake On Stove

Cake is the most famous and old dessert items. It is very simple and easy to make as its ingredients are based on simple items which are easily available everywhere. Well, most of the ladies find it difficult to bake a cake in oven. They want something easy and basic so that they can easily make cakes. Today, I am going to tell you an easy recipe of delicious cake which you can easily make on stove. Yes! you don’t require a oven to try this recipe. I hope it will be helpful for all of you.

Recipe Of Homemade Spring Rolls

Snacks are an important part of our daily meals. Everybody serve light snacks with tea in their homes. Instead of eating heavy and unhealthy bakery products you can try simple recipes of snacks at home. Well, homemade items are healthy and more delicious and they save a lot of money. Today I am sharing a recipe of Homemade spring rolls with you. They are very easy to make. You can make lots of them on the weekend and freeze it for later use. You can serve them with tea, meals and at any time you want.

Malai Sandwich For Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day as it is the beginning of a long day. Hence you need a proper start so that you can have a healthy initialization of your daily routine. It is a famous saying, Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a pauper. And it is now scientifically proved that people who have a proper breakfast in routine have more healthy mind and body.

Ways to Improve Memory

Memory is important for our life and everyone is endowed with different amount of memory. A strong memory depends

green tea

Green Tea – A Healthy Alternative

Today million of people grow green tea in different parts of the world.Green tea mostly consume in India,japan,China and Thailand.But today it is  becoming popular in the whole world due to its health benefits and researches that prove that green tea holds solutions to a lot of different problems.There is a proper way to make a green tea.

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