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Health Benefits of Fig

Figs are a nutrient-rich fruit that can be yellow-green, copper or purple in color. You can use it to make jam and you can add them to ice cream. You can also peel them and eat them out of hand. Fruit on fig tree grows twice a year. Fresh figs are more beneficial than dried ones. A total content of 80% water and 17% sugar is found in figs. It is used both as a fruit and a medicine.

Home Remedies For Strong Nails

Some people care for their nails, while others don’t care much. But when the nails become weak, they should be cared about. Here are some of the home remedies for strong nails with better nutrition.


Benefits of Eating Watermelon Daily

A healthy health is a gift from God. Now it depends on us how we care ourselves. Watermelon is very beneficial for our health.Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruit. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious. Studies have shown that there are a lot of benefits of eating watermelon daily.

Health Benefits of Cherry

If we talk about some of the Health Benefits of Cherry then they are uncountable. They keep you healthy and fit. Many years ago, cherries were considered as super food which helped in body growth and helped to reduce pain from gout, post exercise muscle pain and joints pain.


Health Benefits of Peach

Peach is a  delicious juicy fruit. It find its origins from China and is now popular in all over the world. The Health Benefits of Peach are known to its regular eater. Peaches are a  sources of vitamins, minerals,  and other chemical contents. This fruit looks like an apple in shape measuring about 7-10 cm and about 130 g in weight. It is naturally juicy and sweet with a lovely aroma.There are a lot of benefits of eating peach.

uses of olive oil

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

We all know that Olive oil is a fat obtained from Olive tree. Here olives as a whole are pressed to produce olive oil. There are many Health Benefits of Olive Oil as it is used in cosmetic, medicine, cooking and soaps. In the past, it was also used as a fuel for a traditional lamp. But now it is used worldwide.

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What are the Natural Sources of Vitamins?

Vitamins are an essential type of nutrient which are necessary for vision, gene transcription, boosting immune system and maintaining skin health. Deficiency in the intake of vitamins can directly effect our vision and increase the risk of catching viral infections which are harmful for the human body. Vitamin deficiency is not only a painstaking problem in underdeveloped countries, it is now equally prevailing in the well developed parts of the world. But the reason of this abnormality may vary from country to country. Talking about the deficiency in developed countries, the main reason is that people do not include Vitamin rich diet in their daily routine. Junk food is in trend and is highly liked by everyone. So they prefer taking vitamin supplements instead of including food items which are the Natural Sources of Vitamins. In this post we will tell you about such natural sources which contain abundant of vitamins in them.

benefits of dark chocolate

Why Dark Chocolate is Good for you?

In this article we discuss about that why chocolate is good for you? Dark chocolate power pack a double positive punch for our health but the credit goes to microbes that live in our gut. New research suggests that beneficial bacteria that inhabit towards the end of our digestive tract has the ability to ferment both the antioxidants and the thread in cocoa.

Health Benefits of Eating a Banana

We all know that fruits are good for health and for our digestive system. Each fruit has its different point of importance. An apple a day keeps the doctor away it is most common saying that we come across. But here we are going to discuss the Health Benefits of Eating a Banana i.e. the topic of today. It is said that banana is liked by monkeys but if you come to know about its usage and benefits in human body you will definitely include it into your diet. According to some stats it is believed that the banana is the first ever fruit of the world.

Health Benefits of Grape Fruit


Grape Fruit is a subtropical citrus fruit. It grows in cluster like grapes so that it named after grapes. It was first cultivated in Barbados in West Indies. As it belongs to a citrus family it naturally derives from cross-breeding between Orange and Pomelo. It has sour and bitter in taste but it has many healthy benefits & this is the topic of today, that is we will be discussing some Health Benefits of Grape Fruit. Its flesh is sliced like orange but it skin is quite thick and tough to cut. It is very juicy and it varies in three different colors red, pink and white. It is full of vitamin C and is very acidic but its not the only benefit it has several other nutritional benefits that we can only get from natural fruits that Allah has given to us.

mood swings

Mood Swings & their Reasons

Have you ever thought that What are Mood Swings & their Reasons? Mood swings are defined as Emotions and Fluctuations in moods. During these people facial expressions change drastically in their life, some are bad and some are good for them. The term “mood swing” is used to describe the emotional terms and it’s also a kind of reactions. These emotional terms and reactions are different in gender because of the multiples reasons. Some are discussed below:mood swings

Best Homemade Remedies for Dandruff

Today one of the most common problem related to hair is dandruff.  This problem gets even more worse especially in winters. Many people are suffering from dandruff these days as winter season is on its peak. Such people want to get free from dandruff and the tension related to it. Mostly people who use hot water for washing their heads in winter season are more likely to  suffer from dandruff. Also we don’t take ample amount of water in our diet and hence our skin becomes dehydrated and becomes dry. This also causes dandruff. There are many products are available in market to get rid of dandruff i.e. by using anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner or many oils, but today in this article we discuss some of the Best Homemade Remedies for Dandruff .

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