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All the summer based fashion and latest inns are found here.

Pink Shoes Latest Collection

Shoes are very important part of your personality because they depict your style sense and taste. If you are wearing stylish and trendy shoes with even a simple dress, you will look trendy. Shoes can make or ruin your personality so, always buy your shoes carefully. In past few years the fashion industry has really done well in every department. Many new brands have stepped into the market and now the competition between the old and new ones is all heated up. Pink is a famous shoes brand that requires no recognition. Recently, Pink launched its latest shoes collection. The whole collection is simply flawless.

MAC Cosmetics New Blushes Collection For Summer 2013

Makeup accessories are a girls’ best friend. Your skin especially your face totally depends on the products and make up you apply on it. So, you should be very careful before buying make up products. Also, always buy the right kind of make up for your skin from a reliable company. If you don’t know much about make up then take expert’s advice before using any product. When we talk about reliability, MAC is one of the most reliable and popular make up brands. MAC cosmetics are famous around the globe due to their quality. Recently, MAC launched their new blushes collection for summer 2013.

MAC Cosmetics New Lip Gloss Collection

Summer always brings new colors, trends and styles every year. In summer skin get affected by the hot sun so make up is a must in day time. Soft and light make up in daily routine makes you look fresh all day. MAC Cosmetics offers a wide range of lip gloss this summer to keep your lip fresh and healthy. All your favorite colors are available in the MAC lip gloss collection. In summer, mostly people prefer soft and light colors, so MAC is offering smooth, non sticky and light lip gloss perfect for summer. Many soft colors are available in this collection including peach, pink and brown shades. All these lip gloss are very light and creamy. They won’t make your lips sticky like regular lip gloss and also they will remain shiny even after long time.

Reet Latest Casual Wear Collection 2013

Personality is all about the way you dress up and carry yourself. So, clothes are very important because they depict you and your personality. Fashion is all about picking the kind of style in which you feel comfortable because fashionable clothes won’t save you if you don’t know how to carry them. So, go to shopping with one thing in mind you will buy what suits you the best. With the success and freedom of media, people are now more aware of the fashion and style trends and this things has heated up the competition between all the labels available in the market. When it comes to clothes, summer is the most important season because it stays longer than winter. That is why in summer all the designers launch different collections from time to time. Reet is a well known name in fashion world. They are famous for their simple yet trendy clothes. Recently, they launched their latest collection. New and fresh cuts, colors and fabrics have made this collection just the type you all want.

Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013

Sana Safinaz are the most inspiring and famous fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry. Sana Safinaz brand is owned by two graceful ladies Sana Haswani and Safina Muneer. These respected ladies once again launched fabulous lawn collection for Summer season 2013. Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013 comprises of versatile dresses which are beautifully stitched. Stylish lawn dresses consist of 3 piece suits, shirt with classical embroidery and printed dupattas are exclusively designed to grab attention of ladies. Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013 offers variety of suits for both casual and formal wear. The lawn collection is available in amazing and sizzling colors with simple but streamlined cuts to give unique look to customers. Elegant styles and eye-catching prints are the things seen in every dress of this collection.

Lakhani Lawn Collection 2013

Lakhani once again launched its exclusive Summer Lawn Collection 2013. Lakhani Lawn Collection 2013 offers high quality lawn suits for ladies with latest trendy prints that greatly appealed to ladies. Lakhani Summer Collection comprises of 3 piece suits with more well-defined, deep and intricate prints. Majority of outfits have long shirts with choridar pajamas and flared trousers or palazzo. Lakhani lawn comprises of suits for both formal and casual wear.

Latest Sunglasses For Girls In Summer 2013

Girls are always conscious about their skin and health especially in summer they take extra care of their skin to keep it fresh. The hot weather and all the dust brings harmful effect that can damage your skin. All the working women and students are the main target of UV rays emitting from sun. So, in order to keep your skin healthy, you should be well prepared before you go out. Apply a good quality sunblock and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face from the sun of summer. Sunglasses have also become a fashion symbol now so, buy a cool pair of shades for yourself and look fresh as well as trendy in summer. I have made a list of top sunglasses that are in fashion this summer. I hope it will help all of you.

Latest Sunglasses for Men This Summer 2013

Summer is at peak these days and only way to protect yourself from the hot blazing sun is to wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun and also make you look more cool. Sunglasses are a must for men because they mostly spend their time outdoors. When it comes to shades, zillions of options come forward and make it more difficult what to choose. You should select your shades very carefully according to your face and hair style because they should look good on your face. I have made a list of some trendy sunglasses for you. Try them on and select the one which suits you best.

Neon Colors Trend 2013

Neon colors are the hottest trend of 2013.This  season is welcoming the bold and bright colors. Now it’s time to say good bye to boring colors and add  new shocking, bright and bold colors to your life and enjoy this summer. From shoes to bags, jewelry to nail colors, scarves to sunglasses, you can find almost everything in Neon colors. Neon shades are all about fun for girls and boys. These eye popping colors gives your personality an attractive and bold look. These colors are mostly used in the hip pop party and functions.

Luscious Cosmetics – Nail Paints & Eye Shades Collection

Luscious is one of the top fashion brands of Pakistan. Despite of the fact that Luscious is only 5 years old, it’s products are very unique and original other than the regular products available in the market. All the products of Luscious are skin friendly and easy to apply. It is indeed the most trendy brand in Pakistan who loves to experiment on new concepts. Recently, Luscious launched it’s new eye shades and nail paints collection. The whole collection is so lively and sparkly, you are going to love all of it.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Collection 2013 for Men and women

Introduction about Gul Ahmad:

Gul Ahmed has been working in the field of fashion since year 1947 is one it is the most famous and leading fashion brand in Pakistan. It has launched so many collections for men and women and now they are again back with Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid collection 2013 for men and women.

Best Sun Blocks for Summer

One critical thing is, that we need to apply sunblock notwithstanding the way that we like it or not. Despite the fact that the minute you apply sun screen, you begin feeling extremely hot. The purpose for this is that the sunscreen obstructs your pores, bringing about cutting the immediate contact of air with your skin and when you go out, the sunscreen begins to fall off. In this article we will be talking about Best Sunblocks For Summers.

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