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Winter Shoes Trends 2014

Behold Everyone! Winter is finally here! The cold days, the smoky fog and rubbing of hands for heat brings back the charm of winters. Another thing more exciting about winters is dressing in all the trendy Jerseys, jackets, jeans, long coats and wearing woolen clothes. A perfect pair of shoe adds to everything if it goes well with the fashion.
This winter a lot of versatility has been added to the shoes collection and new shoes collection is much awaited. From pumps and flat to chunky heels and sandals to long boots stylish yet simple and elegant and comforting innovations have collectively made the new winter collection of shoes. So, today we will be discussing about some Winter Shoes Trends 2014.

Winter Collection of Scarfs and Mufflers 2014

A scarf, also known as muffler, stole or neck rap is a type of fabric that is worn around the neck or head to depict fashion, some religious ritual or to keep oneself warm. Whenever the winter season comes, everyone wants to wear scarf and stoles of different colors.  Scarf and mufflers add design, class and style to your clothing and can take your look to completely a new level. So, considering this chilling winters, in our today’s post we will show you the Winter Collection of Scarfs and Mufflers 2014. At the same time we will be telling you some important things related to these scarfs and mufflers.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection for Men 2014

Gul Ahmed is busy in the field of fashion since year the 1947. This is a very famous name in clothes industry and other things like handbags which is not directly on the name of this brand, but under a sub brand named as Ideas. They have huge variety on seasonal and occasional dresses for women and men in their collection every year. Their product line is purely based on the desires of the customers.

Embroidered Silk and Velvet Coats Collection by Gul Ahmed

Now a days coats are getting very much in fashion. New style of coats are introduces by different brands which reflect in a person  a complete new look, stuff, designs and thoughts. Today a very creative versatility is introduced in the designing of coats. They are the embroidered and silk coats for women and men that are released by famous brands. They have launched very nice, unique, stylish and different color combination of coats in this respect. Many brands are in the line of introducing Embroidered Silk and Velvet Coats but in this post of today we are going to discuss exclusively about the Embroidered Silk and Velvet Coats Collection by Gul Ahmed.

Winter Collection of Women Boots 2014 – 2015

In today’s post we are going to share the stunning Winter Collection of Women Boots 2014 – 2015. Boots are very common and necessary part of dressing for women in winter season. Girls and women are very conscious about the combination of boots with their dresses. They want that the boots they wear should go perfectly with their dress. So this is the main reason why many designs and styles of boots are introduced for girls and women. A huge variety of boots are available in market which are in different  styles and like ankle boots, rider boots, military boots and many more kinds.

Collection of Hats and Caps 2014

When we talk about the accessories then hats and caps are an important part of dressing. Hats are head wears used for religious reasons, protection, safety or protection from weather. They also indicate rank in military and denote nationality. Caps are almost the same thing as hats. And there is not much difference in the purpose of wearing caps and hats. Being an important part of dressing, we therefore bring the Collection of Hats and Caps 2014 for our readers in today’s post.

Collection of Brooches and Pins 2014

We are all well familiar with brooches and pins. From last year in Pakistan, it has become a trend of using brooches and pins on scarves and hijabs. A brooch is also known as fibula in ancient time. It is used to attach the garments. They are often made of Metal, Silver, Bronze and gold. These brooches are also available in market in antique designs. The value of antique brooches is also influenced by trend. Teenage girls are fond of using brooches and pins for their school scarves and they have a big collection of brooches for their school or college functions and for the parties. Once you’ve determined the value of your collection, choose from a variety of places to purchase the antiques. To give you a final and complete look  brooches are the best way to prepare. It is important and difficult to make a right choice for you in selecting the brooches and pins. So, today we present the fresh Collection of Brooches and Pins 2014 for all our readers. We hope you will like this collection and will buy one of these from your nearest store.

Insignia Shoes Collection 2014

Now a days different kinds of shoes and sandals are very much in fashion and every brand related to girls and women footwear try to make different styles of shoes that are awesome, glamorous and has unique designs. As competition is very tough, old and new shoe brands are gearing themselves up to beat their competitor in this race. Insignia is one such name who came in Pakistan in 2011 and is giving a very tough time to its competitors. Their attractive colors, designs and quality is the reason for its success. This is the topic of our today’s post. We present the Insignia Shoes Collection 2014 for all our readers who love to wear and buy unique shoes.

Mehndi Designs 2014

Mehndi is a necessary element for every occasion. Girls have an  immense attraction with hennaMehndi has now became an art and tradition. It has been a part of Pakistani culture  since the early times. Mehndi art is always been considered as one of the necessary factor in all the celebrations and occasions of life specially in wedding ceremonies and special events like EID. In this post we bring you some of the best and latest Mehndi Designs 2014. Hope you will like them.

Chinyere Winter Collection 2014

Chinyere is a brand synonymous with sophistication and style. The history of this brand was started in 1999 in Pakistan and now they have become a large part of fashion in our country. There are many well-known brands in our country but they have some difference among themselves. Chinyere is a good amalgamation of old traditions and modern fashion designing. They launch their amazing collections in every season or on some special occasion for not only females but also for males. Their collections are available in every Chinyere/Breeze stores. Today, their outlets are available all over in Pakistan as well as in Dubai, India, UK, Canada and Norway. They have launched causal dresses, formal dresses, couture, sleep wear dresses, Men wear, Abayas, accessories and jewelry for every occasion.

Winter Collection of Scarves 2014

Scarves are an essential part of dressing in winters to cover and protect from it and it is easy to carry for girls and women. Wearing of scarves is now a fashion among the girls and women. Scarves are launched in different designs for every age by designers and some different brands specially for winters.

Collection of Karma Pink Winter Dresses 2014

Karma Pink is a brand which launched modern, fancy, bridle, party and occasional dresses for girls and women. Karma is owned by Maheen Kardar Ali who is a talented and promising fashion designer of Pakistan. When it comes to brands who have launched their collection of formal and semi formal dresses then, Karma is one of the oldest and most famous brand in women wear in this respect. It emerged in the world of fashion in year 2000. Whenever some special occasion comes then girls and women like to wear some different style, designs and brand of dresses to look different from each other. Karma Pink made use of this view of thinking and introduced very different variety of fancy dresses. Dresses of Karma Pink are expensive but they are designed by most popular designers in the country.

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