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Latest Polki Necklace Designs 2013

Latest Polki Necklace Designs 2013 For Women

Importance of Polki Jewelry:

Today jewelry has been categorized into different sub categories and types. Some of the sub categories include gold jewelry, silver jewelry, polki jewelry, diamond jewelry, kundan jewelry, etc.  Different types of materials are being used in making of jewelry like gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells. Polki jewelery is referred to as a specific and precious type of jewelry made up of gold and adorned with beautiful and precious stones and pearls. Basically in polki jewelry real diamonds are used. Hence you can say that it is another form of diamond jewelry. Moreover, it stands for “uncut diamond”. Well Polki jewelry is a bit cheaper than diamond jewelry. So people who can not afford diamond jewelry can go for polki jewelry. And after all Polki jewelry has its own attraction and uniqueness.

Nail Art Designs 2013

Nail Art Designs 2013 For Girls

Significance of Nail Art:

Any kind of creativity done on nails is termed as Nail art. Nail Art is one of the popular arts among young girls and fashionable women. This art gives your nails a very creative and charming effect. The trend of nail art is very popular in today’s era. Your finger nails and toe nails help in beautifying your over all look. Also Nail Art has become a productive business nowadays. Women go to parlors and nail bars for getting their nails manicured in order to let them look beautiful and clean.

Latest Mehndi Designs 2013

Latest Mehndi Designs 2013 For Eid

Significance Of Mehndi Application:

Eid is a special religious festival for all Muslims celebrated every year after the sacred month of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitr is near and the preparations for this Eid are in full swing.  People celebrate this holy event with great zeal and zest.

Threads and Motifs Latest Eid Collection 2013

Threads and Motifs Latest Eid Collection 2013

Threads and Motifs is one of the renowned and leading names in Pakistan fashion industry. They offer you with the best quality and unique designer collections for women. This brand was established in year 2009 and within a short span, it succeeded in achieving a good name in the fashion industry. The brand offers a wide range of clothing collections. These collections include party wear, evening wear, casual wear and formal wear dresses for women.

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