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Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World Kamlee Eid Collection 2013

Hadiqa Kiani is a well known personality of Pakistan. Since a few past years, it is a trend that every other celebrity is launching their own line of fabric. The best part about this trend is that these lines are very trendy, stylish and unique as compared to other ordinary fabric collections. Hadiqa Kiani has proved her amazing and brilliant fashion sense as her Lawn is very catchy. Once you see the designs and prints, you can’t hold back your appreciation and love for the great patterns.

Eid Special Nail Art Designs For Women

Eid Special Nail Art Designs For Women

As we know Eid is coming and these days all the ladies are busy in shopping.

  • Some ladies are buying dresses.
  • Some ladies are busy in getting charming jewellery.
  • Others ladies are buying shoes with affordable prices.

There is huge crowd everywhere in the markets and shopping centers. All the women and girls are busy in beautified their self. They put on mehndi onto their hands. Everything is colourful and charming. In such conditions, our women never forget to beautify their hands. To keep their hands look beautiful they use awesome nail paints. For the fashion loving ladies there is lot of choices and designs that are available in nail paints.Ladies keep them self beautiful and ready for every occasion.  Our ladies are very much concerned about their beauty and fashion. They love to keep themselves stylish and up to date with the fashion.

Silk By Fawad Khan Summer Collection 2013

After getting huge success in the showbiz industry, now Fawad Khan is ready to rock the fashion world. Recently, Fawad Khan launched a clothing line with name Silk By Fawad Khan. This label exclusively brings exquisite and trendy silk dresses. It got a very positive response from the people around the globe. Now, the label has launch its latest summer collection. The whole collection is simply breathtaking and magnificent. The patterns, embroidery, fabric and colors are just perfect.

Get Your Eid Jewelry from Rangeeni

To own beautiful and elegant jewelry is one of the most prioritized things for almost all women. No matter what their age is, jewelry is weakness of every woman on planet. For every event, they want some awesome piece of jewelry that can compliment their dress and enhance the beauty of their personalities. Rangeeni is a brand that makes great jewelry. Let’s have a look on their products.

MaSh. Bags Women Clutches Collection 2013

MaSh.bags has been a standout among the most famous outstanding design marks in Pakistan. This mark has been providing their facilities since 2011 and for few years they have acclaimed numerous thanks and decently preferred reactions from the style sweethearts. It has been a great deal obvious from the name that MaSh.bags is just managing simply inside the class of the purses for the ladies. This mark has so far showed up in the design market with their superb MaSh.bags Clutches Collection for Women 2013. Not only this, but recently Mash.bags has showed up in the business sector with the highlight of their flawless looking and much imaginative grasps accumulation 2013 for ladies. This grip accumulation 2013 has been motivated and inspired by the thought origination from the Mughal Art taste.

Buns n Braided Hair-A Must For This Eid

Hair style is a vital part of your personality build-up. Along with trendy dresses and fine make up, hair do needs to be great too. If hair are not done in a proper way, all your effort goes to vain. According to a survey, one of the top elements that make a woman beautiful is to have good hair-do sense. /If you don’t pay much attention to your hair styles, the oomph factor can’t be created. Basically hair give you the final finishing touch to your get up.

Kayseria Pret Collection 2013

Fashion industry is growing and is progressing by leaps and bounds. The progress of this industry can be vividly seen in Pakistan as well. A large number of design brands now exist in Pakistan. But let me tell you, the pioneer of all these designing brands is Kayseria. So here, we all owe a big deal to Kayseria’s magnanimous efforts they have been doing and setting trends. Kayseria has prepared a special treat for all the fashion lovers this year. They have launched Kayseria Pret Collection 2013 with a lot of amazing stuff. Let’s have a look.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed-Shoes n Bags

Once upon a time, Gul Ahmed was name of only clothing and sheets. But that time is long gone. Gul Ahmed has enhanced it’s areas of concern to a vast range. From ready to wear to raw fabric for your dresses, a dress for your guy or for your kid; you can have all. A lot of varieties are also there for women’s wear collection. And to enhance the elegance of the Gul Ahmed dresses, there are shoes and bags too for you.  You can add up to the vibrancy of your personality with these.

Gul Ahmed-Best Choice For Eid 2013

Gul Ahmed is one of the finest brands in women’s wear category. The stuff Gul Ahmed provides is very tempting and it gives an amazing touch to the femininity that enhances the beauty and elegance of your personality. Especially if we talk about  the Lawn collection, Gul Ahmed has always provided very fine designs embedded on extremely delicate fabric. Gul Ahmed claims to provide the “original lawn”, and I personally think they claim it right!

Mausummery Eid Footwear Collection 2013 for Women

After making a remarkable good name in the department of lawn clothing for women Mausummery had gone to venture a whole new side aka the shoes.

Yellow Eid Kurta Shalwar Collection 2013 for Men

Yellow fashion brand is one of the emerging brand of men’s wear garment in Pakistan. Yellow is well-known and reputable fashion house of Pakistan who has been working since 2009. Yellow was previously famous for its western trendy collection like jeans, T-shirts but now its traditional men wear collection which comprises of latest kurtas and shalwars are remarkably appreciated by youngsters.  Yellow is a western wear brand but recently it launches its traditional classical kurta shalwars which grabs the attention of clients.Yellow Eid Kurta Shalwar Collection  2013 for Men offers classical kurta shalwars which have fabulous styles, amzing stitching that are exclusively desiged for customers to give them a unique look. Yellow Eid Kurta Shalwar Collection  2013 for Men bring kurta shalwar for both casual wear as well as party wear . Kurtas of various stuffs and  fascinating colours with eye catching embroidery  are available for men as part of latest collection

Wajahat Mansoor Men’s Wear Eid Collection 2013

Wajahat Mansoor is a famous designer of fashion industry  that gained much enormous success among all emerging designers in minimum time and now this respected man is well known because of its fabulous collections that offers artistic classy outfits.  His collection includes All-Occasion-Wears for both man and women. This year Wajahat Mansoor once again  launched its sophisticated outfit collection for men which really appealed to customers.

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