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All brides will get best updates about latest bridal wears.

Latest Bridal Dress 2015

Wearing a perfect wedding dress is a dream of every girl so that she can cherish this event throughout her life. As this is a big day so you should do every possible step to make it a special one.

Salman Khan’s Sister Wedding

Salman Khan youngest sister Arpita’s got married with a businessman Aayush Sharma on 18 November 2014. This occasion meant a lot to Salman Khan. Salman love his family a lot.

Mona Imran Collection at Bridal Couture Week

Mona Imran has been one of the leading successful and one of the top fashion designers in the Pakistan fashion market. This designer has been catering with the fashion designing and started her career for the last few years. Today we will present Mona Imran Collection at Bridal Couture Week. This collection is a tribute to her efforts and hardwork.

gold ring

Top Wedding Rings Designs 2014

The wedding bands and engagement ring you chose will be one of the most important part of your wedding day. Not only are they important element of getting married, but they are long lasting symbol of love and commitment. Therefore you will want to choose the wedding ring that is timeless and high quality. We are making your job easy by showing you a list of some Top Wedding Rings Designs 2014.bridal ring

Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

Wedding is one of the mem0rable  day when each bridal want to look awesome, beautiful and gorgeous. It s a dream of bridal to look as a princess on her wedding day. For this she prepares each and every thing perfect. To make her dreams true she she take care of her dress as well as her look. How much she will be looking fresh her dress will also be looking shiny and bright as well. For her perfect look she starts preparation one week earlier the wedding. So, in  all these thing how can one forget about her hair. Specially when the hair should long. Long and heavy hair can create problem. To set them in a pattern its little tricky. Brides often get worry about it. This post is specially for the brides who have long hair. We will discuss Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for long hair. How can you make a beautiful waterfall braid.

HSY Bridal Collection 2013 – 2014

In early ages people were not that much familiar with fashion. But as the awareness increased fashion become so popular everywhere. People are now much aware and conscious about what to wear and how they look.

Bridal Hijab Trends

Hijab is blessing of Allah and Muslim Ladies do Hijab to cover their body and to protect them from devils eye.  Islam laid great stress on concept of Hijab as Holy Quran says

Maria B Bridal Wear Collection 2013

Maria B is top class designer of Pakistan and is always recognized with golden words on this fashion planet. Maria B first appeared in market in 1999 but her amazing collection won hearts of patrons. Maria B is famous for her exclusive collection of outfits with fascinating and lovely designs.  Maria B collections offer stylish outfits for both formal wear and casual wear but Maria B bridal Wear Collection 2013 greatly appealed to ladies.

Mehndi Designs 2013

History of Mehndi:

What is mehndi? As we know this the traditional fashion in our country for girls and woman. It is the art of painting on hands and feet in ornate designs with mehndi. It is a beautiful, pretty and mysterious art form that has been used for centuries to heal. Mehndi is the paste of crushed leaves of the henna plant mixed with other natural ingredients, such as, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil and black tea. The paste is applied in the shape of design to the skin where you want and when removed several hours later, it leaves beautiful design. One thing that you keep in mind that each person’s skin takes differently to henna, as does the area of the body you choose to adorn.

Metro Footwear Collection 2013

Metro Shoes, one of the leading  brand of shoes  in Pakistan has been launching  many fascinating, attractive shoe collections from many  years but this year it  introduces one of the fabulous  summer shoe collection on occasion of  EID. Metro footwear collection 2013 comprises of variety of shoes with  enticing features and enhanced comfortability for the clients. It grabs attraction of the shoe lovers.  Metro footwear  summer collection 2013 introduces stylish shoes with beautiful designs, bright color schemes fantastically combined with dim shades,work of expensive  beads, colorful pearls and stones enhancing the elegance of shoes.  Metro footwear collection 2013 of stylish colorful sandals, classical casual and formal flats along with  marvelous heals and glamorous bridal wears.

Mariam Sikander Eid Jewelry Collection 2013

Since the birth of mankind, beauty is the main focus of every woman. Females appreciate beauty and want to make themselves beautiful as well. Primarily makeup is used to look presentable and then the jewelry acts as the cherry on the top. Trendy jewelry including earrings, bracelets, lockets, rings etc. is in fashion these days and women of every age group are crazy after them. As the occasion of Eid is coming, so for sure, women and girls must be running after the jewelers along with the tailors to get their things ready by time. To lessen the running time of women, Mariam Sikander (jewelry designer) has launched her jewelry collection for Eid 2013. Let’s have a brief look on the collection.

Latest Polki Necklace Designs 2013

Latest Polki Necklace Designs 2013 For Women

Importance of Polki Jewelry:

Today jewelry has been categorized into different sub categories and types. Some of the sub categories include gold jewelry, silver jewelry, polki jewelry, diamond jewelry, kundan jewelry, etc.  Different types of materials are being used in making of jewelry like gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells. Polki jewelery is referred to as a specific and precious type of jewelry made up of gold and adorned with beautiful and precious stones and pearls. Basically in polki jewelry real diamonds are used. Hence you can say that it is another form of diamond jewelry. Moreover, it stands for “uncut diamond”. Well Polki jewelry is a bit cheaper than diamond jewelry. So people who can not afford diamond jewelry can go for polki jewelry. And after all Polki jewelry has its own attraction and uniqueness.

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