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The NEWS and updates of Elections 2013 Pakistan. Watch who is winning, PTI, PMLN, PPP or someone else?

NA 121 Lahore 4 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

In NA 121 Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmed from PMLN won by 30K votes and Barrister Hammad from PTI is way down to 17K votes. This makes a lot of things clear about PMLN. PMLN is leading with a good deal of votes in Lahore and in Punjab.

NA 120 Lahore 3 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif won in Lahore NA 120 by 10K votes from Dr. Yasmeen of PTI. Up till now Nawaz Shareef is winning all over the Lahore, out of 12 seats in Lahore 11 seats are won by PMLN.

NA 119 Lahore 2 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

In Lahore NA119 Hamza Shahbaz Sharif from Pakistan Muslim League N has got about 14.5K votes from the people of Lahore. This is a very big sign of victory. Against Hamza his oponent M. Madni from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf was not able to compete very well. He got on 5.2K votes. So clearly this a clear victory of PMLN

NA 118 Lahore 1: Pakistan Election Results 2013

In NA 118 Lahore 1 we can see the Pakistan Election Results 2013 are not yet revealed, we are still waiting for the results from our reporters. Until then try other NAs.

NA 11 Mardan 3 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

In Mardan 3 the NA 11 PTI is leading with 2.6k votes in name of Mujahid Ali, Imdaullah JUIF is at 1.6k and ANP, PPP are still following them with low number of votes.

Live Pakistan Election 2013 Results

At Made for Pakistan we are covering Live Pakistan Election 2013 Results, you can view the results by clicking the image above. You will enjoy our updates. Do subscribe us.

NA 252 Karachi; Election 2013 Results

Syed Ali Haider Zaidi is leading here.

Candidate                                                   Party                             Votes Secured                      Syed Ali Haider Zaidi                              PTI                                 1500                                       Abdul Rasheed Godil                            MQM                                 306

NA 10 Mardan 2 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

We are still waiting for the results of Pakistani Election 2013 in Mardan 2 NA 10. Let’s hope to ammuse you with the results as soon as possible.

NA 258 Karachi; Election 2013 Results

According to the latest news, Pakistan Muslim Leaugue Nawaz candidate Abdul Hakeem Baloch has been won in NA258 Karachi. PMLN will be very happy to have a representative in Karachi.

NA 9 Mardan 1: Pakistan Election Results 2013

In Mardan NA 9 PTI is leading with 25.4k votes of Nasir Khan and Ameer Haider from ANP is at the second position with about 20k votes.

NA 259 Quetta; Election 2013 Results

Mahmood Khan Achakzai is leading in this area.

Candidate                                               Party                                        Votes Secured                          Mahmood Khan Achakzai               PKMAP                                           320                     Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri           PTI                                                 255

NA 8 Charsadda 2 : Pakistan Election Results 2013

In KPK NA 8 Charsadda 2 : Pakistan Election Results 2013 we can see that QWP’s leader Aftab is leading with 24k votes and Mutmaar Shah from JUIF 17k. Jahanzaib from PTI got only 900 votes.

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