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Learn to make creative things wisely at home

How To Do Chevron Tip Nail Art At Home?

There are lots of people who love to enhance their nails with creative designs and different art forms by using nail polishers and stickers. It needs no money and time to make their nails lovely and beautiful without parlor.  A silver crackle polish is also used for best dotted look.

DIY Tutorial of Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue paper can be used in different ways such as gift decorations and for fancy dress up celebrations apart from being used to wipe out materials. Today, we present an easy DIY Tutorial of Tissue Paper Flower. Try one of these methods for making tissue flowers at home.

designs for different nail colours

DIY – Different Nail Arts

It is the habit of every girl to try to look pretty whenever going for outing or on any occasion.  Today’s girl is quite conscious about being looking pretty among all. So she keeps herself up to date about fashion trends.

DIY – Plastic Spoon Lamp

The creative art plays an important role in shaping and creating the world. Creative art gives  you the freedom to show your ideas about your imagination. The art is actually image making and perceiving and then shaping a thing into a new creation. We sketch the image in mind and then we put a quality and originality in image.

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