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All the latest collections of wallpapers, jewellery and other miscellaneous items is found here.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2013

In summer mostly people usually prefer lawn over chiffon and fabrics due to hot climate of Pakistan. So, these days competition is all heated up between all the designers. New summer collections are all over the market. But when we talk about lawn prints some famous names come in our minds which have been doing tremendous work for year and Sana Safinaz is one of them. This label always maintain its style by introducing new trends and cuts in every collection. Recently, Sana Safinaz launched Eid Collection 2013. I must say the whole collection is pretty impressive.

Khaadi Eid Collection Volume 2

This summer almost every showbiz personality is launching lawn with their own label. It has become a trend now but no matter how hard they try Old is always Gold. When it comes to lawn prints, no one can compete with Khaadi. It is one the most famous brands in Pakistan who always manage to maintain their style by bringing original and classic designs in all seasons. Khaadi is known for its prints and patterns, you don’t need any embellishments or laces on this lawn, you can wear it simply and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Rang Ja Eid Collection 2013

Rang Ja is not a very old brand. It is a newly established brand that has attained all the attention of young women within no time. The brand is known for it’s rare and exhilarating introduction of colors and cuts. The liberating collection of Rang Ja is popular and gives you exquisite chance to add up to the life of your wardrobe.

Chinyere Eid Collection ’13 In Stores

Chinyere is one of those brands which is loved for it’s elegance and high precision of pretty clothes. This brand was established in year 2000 and gained success and acceptance in the market within no time. The main cause is the traditional look given to the dresses with a touch of trendy and stylish dressing code. Whether you want something to wear on casual days or you want something formal enough to wear on weddings and events, Chinyere is an excellent choice to make in all seasons.

Charcoal Summer Collection for Men

Charcoal is one of the top brands of Pakistan. Charcoal is one of the few exclusive brands for men in Pakistan. It always comes up with the most fashionable and cool clothing line in the market. The class and grace of charcoal’s designs is impossible to find anywhere. Recently, Charcoal launched its summer collection 2013. This collection is indeed very fine depicting all cool and fun shirts.

Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World Kamlee Eid Collection 2013

Hadiqa Kiani is a well known personality of Pakistan. Since a few past years, it is a trend that every other celebrity is launching their own line of fabric. The best part about this trend is that these lines are very trendy, stylish and unique as compared to other ordinary fabric collections. Hadiqa Kiani has proved her amazing and brilliant fashion sense as her Lawn is very catchy. Once you see the designs and prints, you can’t hold back your appreciation and love for the great patterns.

Eid Special Nail Art Designs For Women

Eid Special Nail Art Designs For Women

As we know Eid is coming and these days all the ladies are busy in shopping.

  • Some ladies are buying dresses.
  • Some ladies are busy in getting charming jewellery.
  • Others ladies are buying shoes with affordable prices.

There is huge crowd everywhere in the markets and shopping centers. All the women and girls are busy in beautified their self. They put on mehndi onto their hands. Everything is colourful and charming. In such conditions, our women never forget to beautify their hands. To keep their hands look beautiful they use awesome nail paints. For the fashion loving ladies there is lot of choices and designs that are available in nail paints.Ladies keep them self beautiful and ready for every occasion.  Our ladies are very much concerned about their beauty and fashion. They love to keep themselves stylish and up to date with the fashion.

Silk By Fawad Khan Summer Collection 2013

After getting huge success in the showbiz industry, now Fawad Khan is ready to rock the fashion world. Recently, Fawad Khan launched a clothing line with name Silk By Fawad Khan. This label exclusively brings exquisite and trendy silk dresses. It got a very positive response from the people around the globe. Now, the label has launch its latest summer collection. The whole collection is simply breathtaking and magnificent. The patterns, embroidery, fabric and colors are just perfect.

Kayseria Pret Collection 2013

Fashion industry is growing and is progressing by leaps and bounds. The progress of this industry can be vividly seen in Pakistan as well. A large number of design brands now exist in Pakistan. But let me tell you, the pioneer of all these designing brands is Kayseria. So here, we all owe a big deal to Kayseria’s magnanimous efforts they have been doing and setting trends. Kayseria has prepared a special treat for all the fashion lovers this year. They have launched Kayseria Pret Collection 2013 with a lot of amazing stuff. Let’s have a look.

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