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MAC Cosmetics New Lip Gloss Collection

Summer always brings new colors, trends and styles every year. In summer skin get affected by the hot sun so make up is a must in day time. Soft and light make up in daily routine makes you look fresh all day. MAC Cosmetics offers a wide range of lip gloss this summer to keep your lip fresh and healthy. All your favorite colors are available in the MAC lip gloss collection. In summer, mostly people prefer soft and light colors, so MAC is offering smooth, non sticky and light lip gloss perfect for summer. Many soft colors are available in this collection including peach, pink and brown shades. All these lip gloss are very light and creamy. They won’t make your lips sticky like regular lip gloss and also they will remain shiny even after long time.

Reet Latest Casual Wear Collection 2013

Personality is all about the way you dress up and carry yourself. So, clothes are very important because they depict you and your personality. Fashion is all about picking the kind of style in which you feel comfortable because fashionable clothes won’t save you if you don’t know how to carry them. So, go to shopping with one thing in mind you will buy what suits you the best. With the success and freedom of media, people are now more aware of the fashion and style trends and this things has heated up the competition between all the labels available in the market. When it comes to clothes, summer is the most important season because it stays longer than winter. That is why in summer all the designers launch different collections from time to time. Reet is a well known name in fashion world. They are famous for their simple yet trendy clothes. Recently, they launched their latest collection. New and fresh cuts, colors and fabrics have made this collection just the type you all want.

Luscious Cosmetics – Nail Paints & Eye Shades Collection

Luscious is one of the top fashion brands of Pakistan. Despite of the fact that Luscious is only 5 years old, it’s products are very unique and original other than the regular products available in the market. All the products of Luscious are skin friendly and easy to apply. It is indeed the most trendy brand in Pakistan who loves to experiment on new concepts. Recently, Luscious launched it’s new eye shades and nail paints collection. The whole collection is so lively and sparkly, you are going to love all of it.

Mehndi Designs 2013

History of Mehndi:

What is mehndi? As we know this the traditional fashion in our country for girls and woman. It is the art of painting on hands and feet in ornate designs with mehndi. It is a beautiful, pretty and mysterious art form that has been used for centuries to heal. Mehndi is the paste of crushed leaves of the henna plant mixed with other natural ingredients, such as, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil and black tea. The paste is applied in the shape of design to the skin where you want and when removed several hours later, it leaves beautiful design. One thing that you keep in mind that each person’s skin takes differently to henna, as does the area of the body you choose to adorn.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Collection 2013 for Men and women

Introduction about Gul Ahmad:

Gul Ahmed has been working in the field of fashion since year 1947 is one it is the most famous and leading fashion brand in Pakistan. It has launched so many collections for men and women and now they are again back with Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid collection 2013 for men and women.

Charles & Keith Summer Collection 2013

Shoes have a deep effect on your personality because they are capable to change it. If you are wearing a simple dress with hot and glossy heels your personality will definitely sparkle. A pair of glamorous stilettos can make you look better than the others. When it comes to stylish and classy heels, Charles & Keith needs no recognition. Recently Charles and Keith Footwear and Handbags Collection for Summer 2013 was launched. This collection offers a huge variety of shoes for all tastes of people. The summer collection of Charles and Keith is simply magnificent. Classy shoes with matching handbags are going to make your summer full of fun and spark.

Next – Suits & T-Shirts Collection For Men

Next is one of the most prodigious international brands for trendy clothes. Next always keeps its style and orginality alive in every collection that is why they are so famous around the globe. Next is making almost everything including clothes for ladies, men, babies and other accessories. When it comes to men’s wear, Next is simply the best in the market. If you like to wear fun clothes then this is the right brand for you. Recently, Next launched its new collection for men’s wear including T-shirts and suits.

Loreal Paris – New Nail paints & Lip Gloss Collection

Make up products are a vital part of every woman’s life. Every woman wants to look beautiful and fresh that is why the selection of right product according to your skin tone is very important. In summer, due to hot weather ordianry make up products don’t stay longer on your skin and some cause blemishes too. Loreal is a big name in cosmetics industry. It always comes up with interesting and unique products. Recently, Loreal launched its new nail paints and lip gloss collection. The whole collection is simply amazing.

Stoneage Summer Collection 2013 For Men

Fashion world is full of ladies brands in Pakistan but when you look out for men brands only few names come up which are actually doing exceptional work. Stoneage is one of the most famous brands for men in Pakistan. It always maintain its style by launching cool, comfortable and fashionable collection every time. Recently, Stoneage launched its summer collection 2013 for men. Trendy t-shirts, classic polo shirts and magnificent formal shirts are a part of this collection.

BnB Accessories – Eid Collection For Men

There was a time in Pakistan, when the men’s wear designers were hard to find but it has been improved a lot in past few year. Many international brands for men are now available in Pakistan and many new and talented people have also started emerging men fashion field. So, the variety and competition has now immensely increased. When it comes to men, BnB accessories is the most famous name in online shopping. Every collection of BnB accessories brings something new and different. Recently, they launched new collection for men.

Gul Ahmed Handbags Collection for Girls 2013

 Gul Ahmed has been connected with the fashion industry since past many years and each and every time this mark has landed with a percentage of the new searching accumulations for men, ladies and kids.

Jafferjees Collection At FPW 2013

If you are a girl and a fashion lover then it is impossible that you don’t have a huge collection of cool handbags. Wherever you are going handbag is a must accessory. When it comes to handbags, Jafferjees needs no recognition. It is one of the most famous company of handbags in the fashion world. It is a well known saying that good things doesn’t come at a cheap price, same is the case here. Jafferjees is also one of the most expensive brands but ladies can’t resist spending money on classy handbags. Recently, Jafferjees showcased its recent collection in Fashion Pakistan Week 2013 and it was a huge success. The whole was just classic and it got amazing response by the public.

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