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Winter Collection of Scarves 2014

Scarves are an essential part of dressing in winters to cover and protect from it and it is easy to carry for girls and women. Wearing of scarves is now a fashion among the girls and women. Scarves are launched in different designs for every age by designers and some different brands specially for winters.

Collection of Karma Pink Winter Dresses 2014

Karma Pink is a brand which launched modern, fancy, bridle, party and occasional dresses for girls and women. Karma is owned by Maheen Kardar Ali who is a talented and promising fashion designer of Pakistan. When it comes to brands who have launched their collection of formal and semi formal dresses then, Karma is one of the oldest and most famous brand in women wear in this respect. It emerged in the world of fashion in year 2000. Whenever some special occasion comes then girls and women like to wear some different style, designs and brand of dresses to look different from each other. Karma Pink made use of this view of thinking and introduced very different variety of fancy dresses. Dresses of Karma Pink are expensive but they are designed by most popular designers in the country.

Best Charles & Keith Sandals 2014

Charles & Keith is an international brand of shoes, sandals, bags and sunglasses for women. Charles & Keith was established in 1990 by the two brothers Charles Wong and Keith Wong in a Singapore. They started their business from a small shop of ladies shoes. But when they saw that their shop attracted the ladies in a good manner, they introduced some more variety related to the women like, hand bags, sunglasses etc.

Stylo Collection of Pumps 2014

Over the years shoes are launched in different styles. One such unique type and style is that of pumps. Now a days the trend of pumps are very in for children, teenagers, business and professional women. If we look behind at some past years there was no concept of pumps as a fashion statement among women. But some brands introduced their best variety of pumps. Stylo is one big name in the list of latest fashion designs for foot wear.

gul ahmed

Gul Ahmed Ideas Handbags 2013 – 2014

Pakistan’s well known company Gul Ahmed Groups has a chain of wholesale outlets  that has been founded by the name of “Gul Ahmed Ideas”. The Gul Ahmed Group started trading in the early 20th century and it is currently one of the leading composite textile houses in the world.

Collection of Charles & Keith Bags 2014

Charles & Keith is an international brand for bags, shoes, belts, clutches and glasses for girls and women. Charles & Keith is one of the best brand when it comes to the collection of bags. Many brands have been introduced offering different variety for women bags. This brand was started by Charles Wong and Keith Wong in 1990. They started from the scratch by starting their small shop for ladies footwear in Singapore. After that they enhanced their business in products related to the women like bags, glasses etc.

Bridal Hijab Trends 2014

This article is about the Bridals Hijab Style. Centuries ago Hijab was taken as a symbol of being Islamic representation for women. Being a Muslim it is obligatory for us to follow the Islamic ways. So, women wear hijab not only for being a Muslim but also it gives a protective feeling. Since last two seasons Hijab has not only an essential part of our dress but it has become a fashion trend to the reach of popularity limit, especially in Asian countries. It is not a casual wear now but it is also famous as a bridal wear. Brides feel very happy to wear Hijab on their wedding ceremony. The best thing is, it look so attractive as well as it is very easy to wear hijab for bridal wear. Every bride wants to wear best hijab on their wedding day. There are many kinds of fabrics famous for hijab. Like Chiffon, Pashimana, Gercy and Silk. like see in following images:

Stylo Shoes

Stylo Shoes Winter Collection 2014

In Pakistan, the emerging brand of selling ladies shoes is Stylo Shoes. Stylo Shoes started their set up in 1974 from Lahore. They presented recently in forty cities with ninety three outlets and have a plan to expand further in the coming months. That’s why Stylo has been awarded with the ISO 9001-2000 certification and it is indeed a badge of honor.

Stylish Flat Pumps for Smart Look

Ladies are always looking for perfect look. But for perfect look they love to wear stylish outfits, classy shoes and delicate accessories. However flat pumps are key fashion trend for this year and flat pumps look awesome when paired with stylish outfits like jeans, skirts and tights. Young ladies love to style in colorful pumps for smart look.

Winter Collection 2013 by Zahra Ahmad

Zahra Ahmad is one of the glowing FASHION icons of FASHION INDUSTRY. She has been working for 20 years in fashion industry. She is a successful fashion designer and her dresses have always been the best in the fashion couture. She always introduces styles, colors, magical combination and sharp designs. With the weather change and according to the festivals and occasions, she gives us the marvelous combination and as always, she has the best wardrobe ever for WINTER 2013.

Borjan Footware

It has been noticed that styles changes quickly during social activities in Indian and Pakistan. Eid is the most enjoyable spiritual event in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan style market has modified into fully operated developed market in recent days. Fashion has groomed itself like a beauty king. Beside the outfits market, shoes market has also evolved in last few decades. Today we have several manufacturers in shoes.

Stylo Shoes Winter Collection 2013

Stylo is the largest footwear brand in Pakistan specifically for women and young girls. Stylo shoes are always one of the best choices of every girl. Its outlets and stores are in many cities of Pakistan. Stylo introduces different collections in every season. Shoes are according to the latest styles and are the first preference of every female.

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