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Beauty trips and tricks are very important for you to look stunning. Get all these here.

How to do Smoky Purple Eye Makeup?

Eyes are considered to be the doorway to your soul. It’s the most important and highlighted feature when it comes to makeup and it requires the same attention as other parts do. Smoky eyes have become a popular trend and there is no particular chance that this style will go out of trend. In this article we will tell you about glittery purple eye makeup. You can apply it on parties and functions. Now we are going to tell you about Smoky Purple Eye Makeup in simple steps.

nail art design

Easy Nail Art Designs for School Girls

Uptil now we have posted many amazing collections on different forms of nail art. In all those collections we have highlighted about the importance of beauty of hands and feet. By now we all know what is nail art and how it can be implemented. We have published many posts on this topic of which one post which was highly liked by our readers was Best Nail Art Designs of 2014. But we have not been able to publish a collection on nail art designs which could cater a particular class of people. Many school going girls have mailed us and insisted that we should display some designs which are particularly for school girls. Being in schools it is very difficult for them to take out time and design their nails so today we will show you some exclusive Easy Nail Art Designs for School Girls.

General Beauty Tips For Women

Women are always conscious about their health and beauty. It’s a dream of every girl to look pretty, attractive and stylo. Our topic of today’s discussion is about General Beauty Tips For Women. To look healthy and fresh you must need to apply following tips for your skin that increase your glow and will make you adorable.

Different and Easy Hairstyles of 2014

It is said that you first look matters the most and has a very deep impact on others. This often attracts or makes you feel disgusted. Therefore, to have a good personality and presentable look you hair style matters the most. Attaining a decent and good hair style is not a tough job. You just have to add some extra factors in your personality. Makeup, jewelry, shoes and dressing are some factors which are used to enhance your look but hair styles has its major significance which cannot be ignored. So, in this article we will discuss some of the Different and Easy Hairstyles of 2014.

Elegant Lace Nail Art Ideas 2014

Nail art is a type of art in which we paint our nails. It is a creative yet an attractive activity for many girls. Painting finger and toe nails are considered as a popular fashion for many years. Girls and women design their nails with elegant, bold and beautiful colors that are related to their outfits. In the beginning it seemed like its very difficult to apply but now every color and every texture of nail colors are available in cosmetic shops. In latest nail art designs bright, attractive, fancy and elegant colors have been used. Nail art have unique and stunning color patterns. Girls always want to boost up their nails and they try hard for difficult and unique color patterns but most of them fail to do so. One form of nail art is the Lace Nail Art and today we will be displaying some of the Elegant Lace Nail Art Ideas 2014.

Different Styles of Braids

Are you looking for some change in your hairstyle? If you are bored of your old look then you need not to worry. We will tell you about some Different Styles of Braids in this piece of content today. Braids are the way through which you can bunch and tie your hair in the form of some long cuts which gives you a perfect decent look. Over the last years the only braid style that was followed was the most simplest one. But today, you can see many different, unique and artistic styles of braids.

Eye Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2014

This post is related to Eye Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2014. So, girls if you are planning out a romantic Valentine’s Day date, then spice up your look with these eye makeup ideas. We have some suggestion and tips for the eye makeup related to this Valentine’s Day. Eye make is as essential part of makeup. It’s a prominent part of your face and if you have a little experience of applying make up on your eyes, you can change your complete look. It will definitely help you in enhancing your eyes.

Characteristics of Oily Skin

Do you know that what type of skin do you have? Today it is very easy to know about your skin type because people have developed a lot of awareness. There are basically three types of skin, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin. Today’s topic will let us know the Characteristics of Oily Skin. After reading this content it will be very easy for you to determine the oily skin. If anyone has oily skin and he/she didn’t know about it then he may face different skin problems in this respect.

Tips for Men with Rough Skin

In this article we will discuss about some of the Tips for Men with Rough Skin. Today it is very common problem which is faced by almost every man, i.e. the issue o rough skin. At first such issues were mostly faced by women or if I rephrase my words it will be most suitable to say that today, both men and women are cautious about their looks and beauty. As we know that skin is very important part of our personality. We should take care of our skin to get an amazing boom in our personality which can impress many.

Latest Hairstyles for Girls 2014

Hair are very important aspect is enhancing the beauty of a person especially for girls and women. The hairstyles for girls and women are changing very gradually according to the need of time and we are witnessing new versatility in them . Girls having short, medium or long hair must try out some unique hairstyles. The hairstyles are changing with the time and fashion like bows, tail, cutting, coloring, braids, layer, curls and much more. Now a days mostly hairstyles are copied from magazine, Television shows, red carpet, celebrities and famous actresses.

Best Homemade Remedies for Dandruff

Today one of the most common problem related to hair is dandruff.  This problem gets even more worse especially in winters. Many people are suffering from dandruff these days as winter season is on its peak. Such people want to get free from dandruff and the tension related to it. Mostly people who use hot water for washing their heads in winter season are more likely to  suffer from dandruff. Also we don’t take ample amount of water in our diet and hence our skin becomes dehydrated and becomes dry. This also causes dandruff. There are many products are available in market to get rid of dandruff i.e. by using anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner or many oils, but today in this article we discuss some of the Best Homemade Remedies for Dandruff .

Best Nail Art Designs of 2014

In this article of today, we will share some of the Best Nail Art Designs of 2014 which are liked by everyone. Now a days nail polish is very in and they are really liked by every girl and woman. Girls apply it on casual and formal occasions to add beauty to their hands.We are hence, displaying some of the best nail art designs which can be tried and made with a collection of nail paints.

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