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Beauty trips and tricks are very important for you to look stunning. Get all these here.

Home Remedies for Instant Glow

Having a glowing skin is the wish of every person. When you are born your skin is fresh and glowing, and it’s up to you how you take care of it. But the biggest problem which is faced today is pollution which has made it very difficult to keep our skin healthy and fresh. There are many fairness creams and lotions in the market which claim to make your skin fresh and glowing but these are full of chemicals which can harm the skin. These products work for sometime. There are some simple and easy home remedies to make the skin fresh and glowing. So, let’s look at some of the Home Remedies for Instant Glow in this article.


Best Home Remedies to Remove Whiteheads

Most of the people say don’t eat candies, chocolates, fast food because it is causing black heads, white heads and pimples. But they say wrong. Actually, it has been proven that candies, chocolate and eating fast food  don’t cause of black heads, white heads and pimples and other skin problems.

Nail Art Trends for this Eid

Fashion is not something that exists only within dresses but the women’s whole flair is the language of elegance! Hairstyles, dresses,  high heels, perfumes, makeup so and so on. All these things are the part of fashion. One more thing, that is emerging from past few years under the flag of fashion, is NAIL ART. Young ladies! spare a little time to fashion your nails with striking nail art designs. This post is going to share some latest and cool  ideas to make your nails glow.

Hairstyle for Girls 2014 – Summer Edition!

So beauties! Are you hunting for latest hairstyle for girls this summer? We fully understand how wonderfully a fresh new hairstyle can change our over all outlook and can boost our confidence but yes choosing a perfect hairstyle that suits you is definitely a difficult task. No need to be panic! Forget those salon-made hair updos with loaded embellishments to compliment your hair. This season its all about loosing up a bit, adding waves and texture and self made uptight buns. Just enjoy these looks and browse through all of our hottest styles and choose your favorite one to get the stunning look.

Make up Tutorial: How to make Smoky Eyes?

Smoky eyes is done with one color of eye shadow. Brown, grey, or black are good choices. Dark plum or navy blue are for the brave & bold look. Eyeliners should also match the eye shadow that you are using.

How To Do Chevron Tip Nail Art At Home?

There are lots of people who love to enhance their nails with creative designs and different art forms by using nail polishers and stickers. It needs no money and time to make their nails lovely and beautiful without parlor.  A silver crackle polish is also used for best dotted look.

Homemade Remedies for Cracked Heels

In this article we will discuss about the homemade remedies for cracked heels of women. If we look behind some years back no proper treatment of pedicure was introduced for the women. But today everyone knows how to look better. The working and business women take care of themselves and also maintain them very well as they know how much pressure and problems are faced by them in the practical filed. House wives face a lot problems which arise from their negligence.

french manicure

How to Apply French Manicure at Home

As you all know, everyone wants to look pretty. Nails are also an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. You can groom your nails by any kind of nail art to give a perfect look to your nails and beautify your hands. It will give your hands more elegant look.

Natural skin

How to Get Beautiful Skin Naturally?

Natural beauty starts with beautiful and shiny skin. If you need to know How to Get Beautiful Skin Naturally?  then you need a proper diet and exercise which is very important for health. If you are using proper diet then you look very smart and attractive. Natural beauty gets through nutrition and exercise etc.

Philips Pro Care Hair Straightener Review

Whenever a person is tired of his look he goes for a change. The best way to bring out a change is to play with your hair do. To change your hair do is the most crucial part and a lot of risk is involved in it as hair are something which is the first thing observed in person’s look. Today, the most easier way is change the type of hair through straighter. Normally people don’t like curly hair so instead of getting their hair rebounded they go for a temporary solution through which they can taste both flavors of their hair type. But when it comes to straightening, the selection of the straightener is the most important thing. Many companies have their straighteners in the market but very few satisfy the customer needs.

5 Ways to Apply Eyeshadow

The most highly pigmented eye shadow is typically loose powder, but these are also the most difficult to control because of their, well, loose form. Cream shadows are easy to apply, but crease more quickly than powder eye shadows.

hair cut is a time saver

4 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair?

I am sure that it took you a long time growing your hair. I also know that you must have followed different experts’ advice to grow long and healthy hair. After all this effort no one will ever want to get them cut. But you feel irritated after a passage of time and you realize that you want to change your look. This is the most convincing point we can think of is because you want to. These days every girl wants to look fresh and more stylish and wants to adopt head-turning hair styles. Short hair are stylish, plain and simple. Short hair gives you a mature look as well. But people takes mature in a wrong sense, they think: “I’m a grown-up.” But research has proved that you need to cut your hair regularly. This has both scientific and medical reasons. Cutting your hair does not mean to get very short hair. So, in today’s post I will try to convince you with 4 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair?

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