True meaning of woman is a “covered thing”. This concept was originated from Qurran in 629 C.E. In all Muslim countries girls prefer to wear Hijab when they go outside to perform different chores of life.  But today Hijab is not only wore as an obligation or necessity but it is turning into fashion. This concept is further more extended to weddings as well. Muslim brides wear wedding cap instead of bridal veil. These caps are available with beautiful embellishment which makes a bride look like a Queen. Bridal Hijab trends are for all those ladies who love wearing Hijab and want to do the same on their most special day of life i.e. their wedding.

Bridal Hijab in Saudi Arab:

Saudi Arab is a country where Hijab is must in normal routine. And Brides also prefer the same on their marriage too.






Bridal Hijab in Turkey :




Wedding Hijab Styles 2013 (441)

Bridal Hijab in Pakistan :

In Pakistan, girls are prefer to wear color full dresses at wedding e.g red, green, blue and like to involve some contrast of all. They wear cap with heavy embroidery or wear some matching accessories on it.






Bridal Hijab in other Muslim countries :

In all other Muslim countries as well Hijab on weddings is becoming a new trend.



According to a latest survey girls are preferring to wear Hijab on their weddings. In 21st century such a concept sounds quite unusual.



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So by now you all must have scrolled through the entire collection of various Hijab trends for brides. What are your views about this beautiful Islamic trend . Would you people prefer to wear it on your marriage ceremony?  Please share your precious comments. Also share your views about a bridal look with or without Hijab?