Recently, a Breastfeeding Kindred Couple got divorced after 25 years in Saudi Arabia. According to Arab TV they got married 25 years ago and they had 7 children. Their case had been remaining under discussion for three months according to Saudi Gazette report, on the grounds that they are siblings who have been breastfed by the same woman during their infantry, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The court in the central town of Rass said it has sufficient evidence that the man and his wife, who have seven children, have been breastfed by the same woman, making their marriage officially illegal.

According to Shariah, children belonging to different parents are also brother and sister to each other if they are fed milk by the same mother. The law states if such a case happens, the children cannot marry each other. The Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Mufti-e-Azam Sheikh Abdul Aziz Aal Al-Sheikh specially reviewed the case with ful concentration and he too concluded the same. The court’s sentence was in line with a recommendation by Saudi Arabia’s mufti. This will effect the lives of their 7 children to great extent. We can only hope good things for them.

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