It is  being  said that Pakistan is a developing country and most of the people are deprived of even the basic and essential needs of life. They do not  have food to eat and the dress to wear. But still our society is very much conscious about brand. They do not have anything important to do instead of dying on this piece of shit.

Brand Consciousness among People, in our society is increasing day by day. Especially in youth and among the lower middle class. Due to social media this trend is growing fast. Youth is conscious about brands because they think that they look attractive, funky and more stylish in trademark. Workers wear branded clothes so that they seem to be more decent, adorable and their impression on other people must be good. The famous brand labels in footwear, outfits and eatables satisfy their conscious customers. Now the latest dresses which are tagged with different brands catch the attention of people . People are crazy in following the brand race and it lowers down the street trend markets are now focused on tagged with latest brands. Famous brands of outfits, accessories, footwear and eatables create a sense of satisfaction among the large number of people in our society.

Due to an increase in the concept of brands people are highly obsessed towards them and it increases the number of abnormal behavior among youth. Some people don’t have confidence they don’t know how to talk and behave with other people but don’t know why they feel so proud in wearing a branded dress. They are quiet illiterate and senseless people. They are very much worried about their impression they make on other people. These people are highly concerned about their physical appearance and looks. People are not just following but also they want to compete with each other that they wear the best and the most popular brand from others.

Majority of the designer’s outlets are so expensive that only the elite class can do shopping from there. Every brand wants to produce something different and unique so that they can attain the desired status among its customers. Every day a new and different shop is opened in a regular market and they claims that they offer the best designs in lower prices to achieve a rank among its consumers. And when the season is about to end every brand sell their outfits on lower price under the name “Sale”.

Now a day’s people are very much obsessed about brands. In past ladies were so much aware about their budgets they never thought to spend their money beyond limits. They bought just three to four dresses yearly. But now people are spending their too much money on their clothes they want new dresses on every occasion with matching shoes and jewelry.

In my opinion it is just a show off or might be it is just a source of satisfaction for people and to make an impression on others. We should be conscious about our relations and our moral values but not brands. We should not give so much importance to our liking and self satisfaction. We should be moderate and simple in our lifestyles and follows the teachings of Islam.