It has been noticed that styles changes quickly during social activities in Indian and Pakistan. Eid is the most enjoyable spiritual event in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan style market has modified into fully operated developed market in recent days. Fashion has groomed itself like a beauty king. Beside the outfits market, shoes market has also evolved in last few decades. Today we have several manufacturers in shoes.

Borjan is one of the top Pakistani shoes manufacturers in Pakistan.

Borjan has established its name in a very short period of time and shown it as a top quality shoes brand. In 16 decades of success Borjan has made its existence in roughly 50 places of Pakistan. Borjan has a simple ideal perspective that becomes a innovator in shoes market which will provide top quality shoes in reasonable prices.

Borjan is now one of the greatest vend footwear shackle with have 73 programs in 47 places of the Pakistan Let’s see Borjan ladies shoes selection 2013-14. Fashion is for every individual, that individual may be a men or women. In style, Shoes are an important part. When referring to footwear ¬†the first name that comes to our mind about footwear product is Borjan. The cause is that, Borjan has maintain its quality from the start and is providing its ¬†fashionable pattern. Borjan always provide its products according to the season style.


After Eid ul Fitr now Borjan has recently released its midsummer footwear selection for females and ladies. It is an unique and fashionable style footwear selection for females and ladies by Borjan.

This footwear selection contains wide range of wide range in which rear foot, smooth footwear and shoes are involved. If you want to increase up your character then wear these footwear by Borjan.