Bonanza has been associated to the world of fashion since the time before we can remember. It is be rightly said that this brand is currently Pakistan’s top leading brand and has the  grace and elegance that is matched by none.

Like all other brands of clothes Bonanza too has released its collection for auspicious occasion of eid under the title of “Bonanza Eid Collection 2013 for Men”. This collection showcases the top and most exquisite traditional shalwar kameez for men that are bound to give the traditional touch to their eid that is the whole spirit of the day.

The clothes in this collection are a bit different from the ones launches before. This collection comprises of kurtas and shalwar kameez suits to give the whole collection a traditional aspect. To look more trendy and different you can also wear jeans under these kurtas. The point is that these clothes will make you look good no matter what. There is no point denying it that Bonanza Eid dresses 2013 for men will certainly make your day.

The dresses in this collection contain all kinds of stuff. It contains plain suits, also the ones with light embroidery and thread working done on sleves and the neckline and cufflinks as well which gives them a more dashing and impressive look. This collection contains the suits in all the colors that are bound to give a elegant and impressive look to the men such as white, brown, black, blue and so on. This year’s photo shoot features tow very famous actors aka Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi.

The new collection will be released for the public purchase on 20th of July. So gentlemen hold your breath as the greatest Eid collection of all is coming your way. So wait to get your hands on the perfect suit that will give grace and elegance to your personality on the special day of Eid.

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