Ramadan is a Holy Month of Islamic Calendar that brings with itself a package of Blessings, Rehmat, Baraka, Bliss and Gratitude. It also enables the Muslims in bowing before Almighty, praying and asking for the forgiveness of your sins and misdeeds. With the arrival of this Holy Month, everyone might have been looking for the best health tips for making the month fresh, great and full of energy. Different professionals have been suggesting different things in order to make your month a special one. So friends here we go with few of the tips below so that you might not only fast regularly, but also remain fresh and active throughout the month.


Beat Health Tips for Ramadan

A person can only be fit enough to fast if he follows some rules and maintains a proper diet throughout. The tips include:

1. Maintaining a Simple Diet

The most important tip is to maintain a simple and healthy diet throughout the month. Instead of going for the heavy and oily things, it is better to take fruits, vegetables and pulses to feel light and active throughout.

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2. Avoid Sluggish Attitude:

During Ramadan, people fill themselves with food at Sehri and Aftari which leads to lazy and sluggish attitude. So it is a great tip all friends! Walk few steps regularly after Sehri and Aftari. This would help you in remaining active throughout

3. Maintain the Optimum Water Intake

Water intake is yet another important thing for fasting. You must have a proper water intake so that you might not be dehydrated during fasting. For this, there is a good tip; do drink at least one glass of water after every hour. This way, you would not only feel fresh and active, but would also feel hydrated and ready for the next fasting day.


Following these tips would no doubt make your month better than always.