Charles & Keith is an international brand of shoes, sandals, bags and sunglasses for women. Charles & Keith was established in 1990 by the two brothers Charles Wong and Keith Wong in a Singapore. They started their business from a small shop of ladies shoes. But when they saw that their shop attracted the ladies in a good manner, they introduced some more variety related to the women like, hand bags, sunglasses etc.

Charles & Keith stands their business in good variety and as well as good will. They introduces different designs in their products like, in handbags they offer simple, stylish, formal and occasional bags. Now they have also launched more variety of different bags like, lap top bags and quilt bags which are related to general accessories of life. Shoes varieties that are available are sandals, shoes, high heels, etc and they introduce their ladies collection every season. They also introduce a wide variety in sunglasses of different designs.

Charles & Keith established their brand in Singapore at very small level but they enhance their business in different countries of Asia and Europe. Today more than 160 outlets of Charles & Keith are in different countries.They¬†have normal range of prices in their collection which is affordable by all. Charles & Keith’s designs attract the buyer in many ways.

Charles & Keith have launched their collection for winter and summer seasons which is very unique and different from other brands. The variety of shoes and sandals are very comfortable, light weight, unique colors which can easily match your dresses. Sandals and shoes are very important part of girls and women in their dressing. Girls and women take much time in the selection of their shoes.

In this article we share the best collection of Charles & Keith. Now it is your turn to try this collection and share your experience with others. Here we present the Best Charles & Keith Sandals 2014 which will help to choose the sandals of your choice.