Black tea is just like green tea. All varieties of tea are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. Today, India , China, and Sri Lanka are of the world largest producers of black tea.There are some benefits of black tea which helpful for our skin and health. They maintain connectivity between tissues, and they prevent heart diseases and cancer.

Prevent the Cholesterol and Heart Disease:

Black tea is demonstrated to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, preventing damage in blood stream, and lower the risk of heart disease.

Cancer prevention:

It prevents various type of cancer such as ovarian, lung, prostate, colorectal and bladder and another type of black tea prevents stomach, prostate and breast cancer. Black tea significantly reduce the risk of cancer, particularly in those who smoke cigarettes and use other tobacco products.

Skin and Hair Health:

Green tea helps to keep your skin clear but as well as black tea also helps in skin and hair protection.

Bone and Connective Tissue:

Black tea helps to make bones strong and they maintain connectivity of tissues.

Brain and nervous system:

Black tea promotes blood flow in the brain without over stimulating the heart. Black tea can help you relax and concentrate more fully on tasks. Black tea has shown to reduce level of stress. Black tea is helpful for our brain and nervous system. Regular tea may helps to protect against some diseases as well.

Increased Energy:

Regularly tea is helpful to our body and it increase energy in our body.

Oral Health:

Black tea may reduce oral cancer. Its prevents bacteria that cause tooth decay. Bacteria is harmful to our body and black tea prevents for this.

Immune System:

Tea is full of substance called tannins which have ability to fight viruses. Black tea is helpful to our immune system.

You can  use Black tea and share our perception about it. There are some benefits of black tea which we shared and they are helpful for our body.