Women are always conscious about their health and beauty. It’s a dream of every girl to look pretty, attractive and stylo. Our topic of today’s discussion is about General Beauty Tips For Women. To look healthy and fresh you must need to apply following tips for your skin that increase your glow and will make you adorable.

Water is very much useful for your skin. It circulates the blood in your body. Human body needs 90% of water. A person should take 2 liters of water every day. So, it is necessary to consume an essential amount of water in your body to increase the glow and freshness.

After a long and hectic day, when you go to your bed you must need to cleanse your face with a homemade cleansing milk or any one which suits with your skin. It will remove all the extra oil and dust particles on your face. Then massage your skin by using moisturizer. This will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. The worst thing for your skin is when go to your bed with a heavy makeup. Thus wash your face before sleeping.

For summer season, use a sun block to protect your face from sun burn. You should apply sun cream 15 minutes before when you go out. Because it takes time to settle on your skin.

Wash your face with a mixture of gram flour and a little rose water. This makes your skin soft and smooth and also it’s the best homemade cleanser.

Women above forty should use a mixture of vinegar and honey to get rid of wrinkles. Hot water makes your face dry so avoid using hot water specially in winters. Women who have dry skin can use clay mask. This will remove all the impurities and moisturize your skin.

In your food you must need to take healthy and nutritious diet which is rich in iron, protein, calcium, phosphorus and useful fats like omega etc. Excess amount of green vegetables are beneficial for health. Fruits are also an essential part of your body.

Avoid using skin and hair care products because there are many chemicals in it that cause dryness, eczema, acne etc. so it is suggested to use homemade herbal products that have not harmful side effects on your skin and hair and are better than many products.