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Author: Zainab Jehangir

Hey everyone! I am Zainab Jehangir. An undergrad from IBIT, The Punjab University. Studying marketing and IT. Working as an internee at FinkTank.
I'm a person who is positive about every aspect of life. I like to read, think, dream and talk :D

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

The new version of Windows was expected to be unveiled by Microsoft. But wait; what’s this, they launched Windows 10. Where’s the Windows 9 then? Well there is no Windows 9. This latest version is a threshold, so it was a time for new blast, new windows with more surprising features so that it empowers people doing vulnerable things with it.

Digital Media Marketing in Pakistan

Those days are gone when people would be aware of only those products that you wanted them to know about. But now we all are aware of the new trends in marketing; moving from traditional to digital with a continuous evolution going on. People have now more access to information due to rapid development in technology with new innovations.

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