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Author: Sidra Akram

I have done MBA from Hailey College of Banking and Finance (University of the Punjab, Lahore). I won President Talent Scholarship at Middle Level, a scholarship at Matric Level and Merit scholarship at University Level. Now I am doing lectureship. I am fond of reading books, watching movies and travelling. I am very hardworking and devoted.

french manicure

How to Apply French Manicure at Home

As you all know, everyone wants to look pretty. Nails are also an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. You can groom your nails by any kind of nail art to give a perfect look to your nails and beautify your hands. It will give your hands more elegant look.


Why Suicide Attempts are Increasing Day by Day?

Why number of suicides attempts are increasing day by day specially in Muslim community. Are these people unaware of the teachings of Islam? Are they unaware from the fact that suicide is prohibited in Islam? Or do they not know the consequences of suicide attempts after death?


How Effects of Aging Can be Prevented?

Aging is a process which occurs during the lifespan of every individual. Everyone goes through this process of aging since his/her childhood till his/her death. No one can escape this process of aging. The only thing you can do is you can slow down the process of aging. This slowed down process will give you more energy and you will be able to lead more happy and energetic life. Today we are going to tell you that How Effects of Aging Can be Prevented?

shoes for girls

Stylo Footwear 2013

Stylo is a well known brand in fashion footwear’s in Pakistan. It has its strong footing in the fashion planet. Whenever we talk about jewelry, clothes, bags and makeup, shoes are also not neglected. When a women get ready for any occasion or party she tries to match her shoes with her dress and jewelry as well.  While getting ready for going anywhere, shoes are also a focus of a woman’s preparation which completes the look of a woman for going anywhere.

designs for different nail colours

DIY – Different Nail Arts

It is the habit of every girl to try to look pretty whenever going for outing or on any occasion.  Today’s girl is quite conscious about being looking pretty among all. So she keeps herself up to date about fashion trends.

honey vs breakfast

Importance & Uses of Honey

Honey is one of the blessings provided by ALLAH Almighty. Honey Bees provide us with honey which is one of the reasons why honey bees fascinates me always.

Tips for Glowing Skin

We mostly use the word “glowing skin” to represent beauty.  It is not about having fair complexion but it is about having your natural complexion giving a glow or shine with smooth and fresh skin.

neon colour scarf

Neon Printed Head Scarfs

Hijab is taken by many women for many reasons may be for the sake of fashion, or due to some religious restrictions. If you have decided to wear hijab, the question is how to carry it. Here I am going to cover Headscarf, a category of Hijab. Dress represents 50 percent personality of a person; care should be taken while dressing up. Hijab is indeed a dress code. So whenever going to any function or a party or wearing headscarf casually, it is very important to decide its:

Best Couple

Tips for Happy Married Life

Life can be more beautiful if you are a happy couple. Allah has created men and women for each other to make them happy, provide them with ease and comfort and also be a shelter for each other.

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