Pakistan and Pakistanis

Author: Sandeed Saeed

Collection of Socks this Winter

It is obvious that everyone is familiar with the word “socks”. It is a foot wear that is abundantly worn in winters and reluctantly in summers. Actually foot is that type of body part that execrates most amount of sweat form our body. Socks support to absorb all the sweat. During winters socks play a vital role in keeping the feet warm. There are many kinds of socks. Here, only two are described as under:

Collection of Long Boots this Winter

A special type of footwear is termed as a BOOT. Ordinary shoes mostly cover foot or ankle, but boots are extended up to the legs or sometimes to a knee. Some boots have heels and some have sole, both can easily be distinguished from each other.


Winter well a season of chill weather, snow, mist and haze brings tranquil, amity and calm especially for winter lovers. With the start of winter everything changes stuff like clothes, shoes, eatables etc. Particularly winter clothes highlight the real change of summer season. Clothes build the personality and groom the appearance. Thinking about personality?  There are several mixtures of dissimilar bits of outfit your eccentric can dress from clothes to jeans and wraps to caps. This not only provides your character personality, but it enhances the game to give you as the trouper the choice to ‘dress up’ for distinct events.

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