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I m sana akram doing BBIT from Punjab University.I am self motivated IT professional accept challenges to increase my confidence. I am expert in C# programming, Web designing, Web programming and blogging.

Meet the new gadget in town – The Selfie Hairbrush Technology.

If you’ve ever wished that your hair brush would hold your iPhone, then your dream has just become a reality. Technology and beauty is now offered in a perfect combination. Technology has finally figured out how to combine two of the most important activities on Earth. Taking pictures of ourselves and brushing our hair. It is probably the first substantial improvement in brushing technology. With the help of this technology you can save your time  just slide your phone directly into your brush and snap away the moment. You can text mid brush, there’s access to the volume buttons so you can listen to music, and the headphone port is also available.

Now Charge your Phone by Simply ‘SHOUTING’ at it

According to a latest research now you can charge your phone by SHOUTING at it. Really? Yes! A unique gadget which converts sound waves from speech into five volts of energy for your mobile helps to charge your phone through shouting. It usually happens that phone batteries always die at that very moment when you need to make an important call. But shouting at your mobile in frustration seems pointless.

Beautiful Ring Designs for Women

We all know that  rings are known as one of the most favorite and most wanted  fashion accessory among the women.The trend of the designs of diamond rings for women is becoming so fashionable and  famous. Mostly young girls are simply love to wear rings. Rings are one of the favorite jewelry trends among the women that give their overall personality a beautiful touch.

Collection of Best Bracelets Designs for Girls

In modern society no girl can forego the charms and beauty. Young girls show great interest for fashion and whenever they see some fashion coming up they get excited about it. New colors and new style attract them to buy new things. We all know that bracelets have been all the time favorite jewellery trend among the young girls  that give their overall personality a simple and pleasant. Bracelets are taken as one of the most stunning jewellery accessory for the women that make their whole personality elegant and yet sophisticated. Styles and trends in bracelets keep on changing with time. If you look around in the fashion market you will get to know that there are varieties of bracelet designs that are coming ahead for new fashion. Girls’ bracelets is one such accessory that is worn by the women of all age groups. Hey guys! Today I m going to show you the latest Collection of Best Bracelets Designs for Girls which include the studded bracelets, beaded bracelets, small  colorful bracelets. Young girls these days love to wear the simple and colorful bracelets as they are much comfortable. Right now lets’s have a look at some of the beautiful images of designs of party arm bracelets for girls. With the help of these images you can easily find your favorite designs of the party arm bracelets. Studded bracelets also called as a spiked bracelets is a wristband usually made with black leather and which has metallic spikes. It attaches to the arm with one or more straps or more rarely with simple buttons. Here are some images of the studded bracelets…. linea-pelle-collection studdedbracelet White  Pyramid Studded Wristband

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