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I live in Lahore ,Pakistan.I am graduate and have ambition to get higher studies.I have two brothers and one sister.My father was an engineer.My mother is a house wife. I am now doing an internship from Kics,UET and company which is offering this internship is FInktanks.

Valentine Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

There is day on 14 February called the Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love. A day when love birds meet together and exchange gifts, have candle light dinner, give roses to each other. Then how is it possible that there should not be a valentine day card with flowers and gifts. Cards expresses love in terms of words which we can not be said face to face as some hesitate in expressing their feelings. Cards are the best way to write the feeling which we have for each other. So this article is about the Valentine’s Day Cards.

Egyptian beauty

How to do Egyptian Eye Make up?

In this article the Egyptian eye make up will be discussed. People mostly do not know this fact that Egyptians have a beauty concept. According to them the more beautiful you are, the more closer you are to your God. Beauty according to them is a sign of holiness. Ancient Egyptians divide their makeup into two kinds i.e. Mesdemet and Udju. The first one is lead ore while the second is from copper.┬áBoth these kinds of Egyptian make ups were not only for the purpose of some style but also they had some kind of spiritual significance. The ancient Egyptians used the expression in both men and women and this became an essential thing for their common lives. The former Egyptians presented great respect to cats. Their eye makeup enhanced to look the same way. The darkened, almond like shaped eyes is as same as cat’s eyes. To do the traditional Egyptian eye makeup there are many ways but here we will tell you an easy one.i.e. Make outline using a kohl black eyeliner of your choice. If you have darkened your eyebrow you can use the same eyeliner to drag the wing horizontally to give the winged eyeliner shape. Eyebrows are very important and should not be neglected. After applying liner to your eyebrows, use the eyeliner to extend the tail of your eyebrows horizontally, towards the end point. Try to make a shape that’s steadily narrow towards the outer part of your brows, and end the wing with a rectangular end. Right now you have an idea where should the eyeliner wing ends, draw your pencil or eyeliner brush from the outer corner of your eye. Remember, both the lines should be parallel. Your eyeliner wing should have the same shape as the eyebrows’. Use the kohl eye pencil to contour the inner rims of your eyes and fill the gap between the eye and brow with a dark bright green, shimmery shadow, form the inner corner of the eye, till the outside winged eyeliner shape. At the end, apply mascara to bot up and down lashes. This is the classic Egyptian eye makeup as sight in Pharaoh’s era as shown in figure. Here are some Egyptian eye makeup images like of Cleopatra, an almond like cat’s eye etc.

Best Diet for Blood Pressure Patients

In this daily routine and busy life, one has no time to take care of his health. Today there are many serious diseases caught by people. Blood Pressure is one of them. It is commonly found in both youngsters and elders. Though, medicine can cure the diseases but there are also some options which can keep you healthy and fit. And you can live more than your expected age. Following are some balancing diet pattern which should be followed by blood pressure patients.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

We celebrate many days but there is a day which is celebrated by the lovers in all around the world. “Valentines Day”. We are very much familiar with this day. It is a day when lovers meet together and give gifts to each other to express their love. Every one is trying his best to give the gifts to his valentine which become a memorable for his love ones. Though love is not dependent for gifts but it’s a good trend to keep the heart happy. In this article we’ll discuss about the gifts which are mostly given on the valentines day. We should start with the flowers.

Arabic Mehndi Designs 2014

There are many artistic niches where a common person can show his art. Similarly Pakistan is one of the countries where a big talent is representing his efforts in art. Whether it would be a fashion industry or a normal get-to-gather on different function or occasions, mehndi is one of the art liked by ladies. Every age of female liked to apply mehndi on their hands and arms. There are many categories of Mehndi design making i.e. Arabian mehndi design, Pakistani mehndi design, Indian mehndi design and tattoos etc. Today we ‘ll talk about Arabian Mehndi design which mostly attract the Asian women. These designs are so simple to apply. Especially teenage girls liked to apply it on their hands, arms and feet. Mostly on wedding , bridals are not complete without applying mehndi design. For this purpose black and brown mehndi colors are used by beauticians. This become a trend in Pakistan to apply mehndi designs on Cultural Melas, Mayo function, Parties, Eid festivals etc. Our chand raat is incomplete without mehndi. Arabic designs are slightly different from other designs. These are apply in bold outline and sometimes filled with glitter colors which gives a glossy and shiny look. Celebrities and models at ramp usually seen by Mehndi designs on their hands , full arms as well as on their neck. It became a trend to make a tattoo on neck and face with mehndi mostly in teenagers and models.

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