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I live in Lahore ,Pakistan.I am graduate and have ambition to get higher studies.I have two brothers and one sister.My father was an engineer.My mother is a house wife. I am now doing an internship from Kics,UET and company which is offering this internship is FInktanks.

Collection of Brooches and Pins 2014

We are all well familiar with brooches and pins. From last year in Pakistan, it has become a trend of using brooches and pins on scarves and hijabs. A brooch is also known as fibula in ancient time. It is used to attach the garments. They are often made of Metal, Silver, Bronze and gold. These brooches are also available in market in antique designs. The value of antique brooches is also influenced by trend. Teenage girls are fond of using brooches and pins for their school scarves and they have a big collection of brooches for their school or college functions and for the parties. Once you’ve determined the value of your collection, choose from a variety of places to purchase the antiques. To give you a final and complete look  brooches are the best way to prepare. It is important and difficult to make a right choice for you in selecting the brooches and pins. So, today we present the fresh Collection of Brooches and Pins 2014 for all our readers. We hope you will like this collection and will buy one of these from your nearest store.

blood sugar diabetes

Diet for Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes ?

Gestational diabetes is also known as Gestational Diet Mellitus (GDM). IT is a condition in which a woman during her pregnancy gets diabetes. This diabetics condition has spread all over the world, five percent of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes. As, Its a delicate period for the mother, if she keeps her sugar level under control, she need not worry about her delivery. The level of sugar should be checked entirely to keep the complication away during the delivery period. Blood sugar can be controlled by exercise, medicines and diet. So, here we will discuss the blood sugar control by diet.


Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

To play and experiment with the hair in terms of styles is the hobby of most girls. Girls want to see their hair in different look. For this reason they daily try different styles of their hair. Especially school and college going girls like to have their hair according to latest fashion trend. The beauticians and hair style artist for this purpose suggest girls to have a suitable haircut.

Gold eye Makeup

How to do Gold Eye Makeup?

In this article How to do Gold Eye Makeup? will be discussed. Eye portion in makeup is very important. How can eye features be enhanced, only an expert makeup artist knows. It is said that ” The Artist always has the masters in his eyes.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). It is God gifted to have beautiful eyes. What eye shadow you are going to carry its really matters. Golden eye shadow is a bold one. How can it will be carried by milky face as well as by dark color face, its tricky. Gold shade can be applied in different shades like light gold, bronze and it can be the combination of different colors. The gold eye makeup can be applied both at the day time and at evening. The only thing is to remember that at day time the gold eye shade should be light.

Bob Cut

Best Bob Hairstyles 2014

When we follow the trend, we have to be very careful. It’s time to take care of your hair. This post is about the latest trend in hair do i.e. best bob hairstyles 2014. One proper haircut is perfect reason to adopt a new look. Bob cut is adapted by most of the girls. But it is also adopted by middle aged women and old ladies. So, Bob cut is an all time favorite hairstyle of every age of woman. About twenty or thirty years ago it was the hottest fashion to have a bob cut. But then there is only a simple hair bob cut. Now, today, there is versatility in bob cut. This season it is that haircut which is in demand these days on request.

Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

Wedding is one of the mem0rable  day when each bridal want to look awesome, beautiful and gorgeous. It s a dream of bridal to look as a princess on her wedding day. For this she prepares each and every thing perfect. To make her dreams true she she take care of her dress as well as her look. How much she will be looking fresh her dress will also be looking shiny and bright as well. For her perfect look she starts preparation one week earlier the wedding. So, in  all these thing how can one forget about her hair. Specially when the hair should long. Long and heavy hair can create problem. To set them in a pattern its little tricky. Brides often get worry about it. This post is specially for the brides who have long hair. We will discuss Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for long hair. How can you make a beautiful waterfall braid.

asian bob

Winter Hairstyles 2014

Summer has gone winter is welcomed. Cold breeze is blowing all around the sides. But the rush of life is going on. All the matters of life are going side by side. Parties are on. School and colleges are open and everyone is busy in his own life. And fashion industry is also busy in representing the winter’s collections whether it is by our fashion designers, hairstylists or by makeup artist. So the hair styles which are carried by our models or even by a common man will be discussed in this article. This article contains the content on latest winter hairstyles 2014.

gul ahmed

Gul Ahmed Ideas Handbags 2013 – 2014

Pakistan’s well known company Gul Ahmed Groups has a chain of wholesale outlets  that has been founded by the name of “Gul Ahmed Ideas”. The Gul Ahmed Group started trading in the early 20th century and it is currently one of the leading composite textile houses in the world.

man mask

Home made Face Masks for Men

Mostly Men think that to earn is the only duty of them and having a healthy meal is only their business. And they only mind their own business. Their only duty is to earn for their family. Especially in countries like Pakistan Men have the same problem as discussed earlier. And mostly men do their job as a laborer. They have not enough time to give even few minutes to themselves. In this rush hour of life Men do not take care of their skin especially of their face. They have more oily skin then women have. So this article is about the Home made face masks for men. Following are some of the Best Homemade Face masks for men which are simple and easy to make.

Bridal Hijab Trends 2014

This article is about the Bridals Hijab Style. Centuries ago Hijab was taken as a symbol of being Islamic representation for women. Being a Muslim it is obligatory for us to follow the Islamic ways. So, women wear hijab not only for being a Muslim but also it gives a protective feeling. Since last two seasons Hijab has not only an essential part of our dress but it has become a fashion trend to the reach of popularity limit, especially in Asian countries. It is not a casual wear now but it is also famous as a bridal wear. Brides feel very happy to wear Hijab on their wedding ceremony. The best thing is, it look so attractive as well as it is very easy to wear hijab for bridal wear. Every bride wants to wear best hijab on their wedding day. There are many kinds of fabrics famous for hijab. Like Chiffon, Pashimana, Gercy and Silk. like see in following images:

Stylo Shoes

Stylo Shoes Winter Collection 2014

In Pakistan, the emerging brand of selling ladies shoes is Stylo Shoes. Stylo Shoes started their set up in 1974 from Lahore. They presented recently in forty cities with ninety three outlets and have a plan to expand further in the coming months. That’s why Stylo has been awarded with the ISO 9001-2000 certification and it is indeed a badge of honor.

hair cut

Men Hairstyles 2014

Over the past few years we have not seen many new trends in Men hair style. But with the passage of time, men are also as conscious as women about their physical look. This trend is not only restricted to fashion world but also a common man has now become aware in making his personality groomed. This article is about the Men Hair style 2014. One momentous haircut can transform the whole appearance of yours. Peaked Cut, Crown Cut, Deep Side Part, Wavy and Top-Heavy, Controlled Chaos, Tousled Long Layers are some style which were mostly in trend for the year 2013. Beside of all these styles, the 1990s-inpired look was also in trend.

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