Pakistan and Pakistanis

Author: Saher Ali

EGO Summer Collection 2013

Out of numerous brands selling trendy outfits to the women of Pakistan, Ego is counted as one of the best. With its elegant colors, decent cuts and trendy designs it is apple of most of the eyes these days. Ego has released its newest collection for all those people who were waiting eagerly for this. Ego came up with the Ego Summer Dresses 2013 which basically comprises of long shirts that are to be worn with tights.

Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection 2013

Junaid Jamshed has done it again. The new Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection 2013 was finally released for public purchase and it was fantastic. It comprises of some very exquisite designs to help you look fabulous on your most awaited religious celebration. These clothes from the eid collection of Junaid Jamshed are made up of top of the class material just like all other Junaid Jamshed products and promise a luxurious and extremely comfortable experience that marks all the Junaid Jamshed garments.

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