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Hey,I'm Sadia. I'm student of Software Engineering from UET, Lahore. I want to become a Web Developer and I am interested to develop some good websites or to create my own blog. I'm very optimistic girl, I like taking up challenges and enjoy being self dependent.

chocolate mousse

Quick and easy recipes of desserts

It is a general observation that people serve sweet dishes or deserts in the end of the meal. Desserts are always popular and are liked by people of every age. Some are the traditional desserts which are usually served on every occasion. Most women think that it is very difficult to make these desserts at home. But making sweets is fun and everyone enjoy eating them which means you will be praised. So today I will tell you about some Quick and easy recipes of desserts.

dramatic makeup

Eye Makeup Trends Fall 2014

Like any other fashion, makeup trends also keeps changing with time. Ladies and especially  young  girls always look for best styles of eye makeup because eyes are the most attractive and delicate part of your body.

chapli kaba

Make this Eid ul Azha special with easy and quick recipes

Eid-UL-Adha is the Muslims festival, which is celebrated on the 10th of Zill Haj according to the Muslim calendar after the completion of the Holy obligation Hajj. This festival is celebrated to regenerate the Sunnah of Hazrat Abraham (A.S) by sacrificing the holy animal in Allah’s way.


Best Home Remedies to Remove Whiteheads

Most of the people say don’t eat candies, chocolates, fast food because it is causing black heads, white heads and pimples. But they say wrong. Actually, it has been proven that candies, chocolate and eating fast food  don’t cause of black heads, white heads and pimples and other skin problems.

Rehman Malik and Dr Ramesh Kumar

People kicked Rehman Malik & Dr. Ramesh off the airpalne for being late

The incident took place on Monday when PIA flight was scheduled from Karachi to Islamabad. The PIA flight PK-370 was to take off at 7 PM but was delayed or nearly two hours. The passengers got furious and forced out the former interior Minister Rehman Malik and PMLN’s Dr Ramesh Kumar  for causing delay.

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