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Effect of Music

Effect of Music on Youth

Considering the present era, the basic necessities of life are not just food, shelter and clothes but music too somewhat conserve its place into it. Hardly a day passes by , when we keep our ears deprived of the basic necessity; music that is. It wakes us up in morning, we sleep with those tunes waving in our ears, soothing us when we feel down and depressed. From infancy to adulthood music play an important part on our lives. Its a vital socialization tool, and its frequency has escalated over the last 3 to 4 decades like a snowball. Being such a staple among youth, which is shaping their life and perception towards the wrong conception of right or wrong, it looks like each teenager has his/her own soundtrack which they could relate themselves with. The question is are they just innocently listening to their favorite music or is it, infact influencing their behaviour?
Well, everything has a positive and negative side to it. In this particular article we are focusing the negative impact of music in effecting the behavior of our youth.

Top 5 Android Developer Jobs in Pakistan

Top 5 Android Developer Jobs in Pakistan

Android Developer

In order to know about the Android developer jobs, lets go through the main idea of Android, its development and the developers.

Web Developer Jobs in Pakistan

Top 5 Web Developer Jobs in Pakistan

What is a Web Developer?

Roaming through different job portals we often find a title saying, “Web Developer Jobs in Pakistan” or “Web Developers Required” which sometimes strike us with the curiosity to know, what really is a Web Developer? A Web Developer is a person who is passionate about the internet and the computers, an individual or company that can provide service to build and maintain high end websites. He must have more sweeping and extensive skills than a usual webmaster. A developer who is generally capable of writing custom scripts to fulfill his client’s needs and has sufficient personal experience with various scripting languages.  Web developers are also called web content developer or front-end developer. He programs web pages from the bottom up, fashioning everything from the homepage to site layout and function. Some developers go for freelance work while others choose to outsource their skills to organizations to come out as consultants and independent contractors. Web Developer Jobs in Pakistan They keep a keen eye on facts, figures and specific details of the current market to satisfy their clients by creating a website which would appeal to the market and would also be able to showcase the products or services in a way that is not only promotional, but dynamic. Today, web-developers work as team at firms with professionals that specialize in different areas of E-commerce and web content development. The Front-end developer programs the code to ‘tell’ a website how to function. This also include site navigation; designing a site which can be accessed from any web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Google Chrome etc.

What does it take to be a Web Developer?

Client can develop an extravagant and unrealistic expectation for the practical design of a website, regarding that, patience is the most valuable skill for a front-end web-developer. At many times only dealing with the far end users and clients can be more difficult than designing the required. Furthermore knowledge in Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS), and cascading style sheets (CSS) are the quintessential of a web developer.

Workplace of a Web-Developer

The workplace of a web developer varies. It depends on the type of work he is assigned to do or the organization he is working with. A developer may work full or part-time in an office, or an (IT) department or may chooses to conduct business at home. But if he chooses to do freelance, he might have to travel.

Average Salary Range of Web Developer in Pakistan

Savaree | First Carpooling App in Pakistan

As the name indicates, you might have thought that “Savaree App” has something to do with vehicles and travelling. Well not really, but that was a close call. The basic idea behind this service is to save people from wasting their time roaming around streets just to go to the meaning place. It is capable of providing you with the exact location address, save you the trouble of getting into conveyance problem by giving you the alternate options. For example, You want to go to Lahore, but don’t have any conveyance; what would you do? You will either opt for daeewoo or ask any of your relative or friend to help you out. This is where “Savaree” comes in! If you have a smartphone this app will notify you with who is going to Lahore around you. Yes! Savaree app comes in handy in all such situations. It will let you contact to the other person going on the same destination. On a positive note, this will save you money and will provide you with opportunities to get to know different people and engage your self in random conversations. Oh! The most important question in the back of your mind would be; Is it safe? You will be worried about the security, well don’t! ‘Savaree’ team kept this issue in mind  and therefore all the users have to share their NIC number to get registered for the app.

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