Pakistan and Pakistanis

Author: Saba Bashir

Pakistan’s Largest Flag

Around 24,200 students of Pakistan set a new record by making the human national flag and mosaic picture in youth festivals Lahore.

How Light Effects our Sleep?

Sleep can be described as a state of body and mind, in which the eyes are usually closed and consciousness is partially or totally lost. During this body has no movement and is infrequently responsive to external stimuli. During sleep the brain undergoes a state of dream. Changes in the environment like excessive noise, anxiety and pressure effects the sleep levels. But major factor which effects our sleep is light sleep1

Winter Outfits

Winter is a season which is very cold and comes between autumn and spring. In Pakistan and India the duration of winter is not so long. People wear warm clothes to protect themselves from cold. Girls are also very conscious about dressing. They want to look beautiful so they wear colorful outfits, caps, shoes, socks, and upper etc. In winter the major problem is color selection. Here we have some best color collection of winter season which may help you to select your like one.

Bridal Hijab Trends

True meaning of woman is a “covered thing”. This concept was originated from Qurran in 629 C.E. In all Muslim countries girls prefer to wear Hijab when they go outside to perform different chores of life.  But today Hijab is not only wore as an obligation or necessity but it is turning into fashion. This concept is further more extended to weddings as well. Muslim brides wear wedding cap instead of bridal veil. These caps are available with beautiful embellishment which makes a bride look like a Queen. Bridal Hijab trends are for all those ladies who love wearing Hijab and want to do the same on their most special day of life i.e. their wedding.

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