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Author: Saadia Batool

Mehndi Designs 2014

Mehndi is a necessary element for every occasion. Girls have an  immense attraction with hennaMehndi has now became an art and tradition. It has been a part of Pakistani culture  since the early times. Mehndi art is always been considered as one of the necessary factor in all the celebrations and occasions of life specially in wedding ceremonies and special events like EID. In this post we bring you some of the best and latest Mehndi Designs 2014. Hope you will like them.

Hijab Styles With Blazers

Winter is coming, and everyone need to protect their neck and body from the cool freezing wind. How to choose and wear your blazers, because they are an essential accessory for this season. Cool wind  is  hitting us and in no time, winter is approaching to entertain us for few months. Now this is the time for winter clothes to keep us warm. With this there is a perfect combination of wearing hijabs with blazers.

Hairstyles With Bangs 2014

Bangs are back in fashion. Whether you have short or long hair with curly or straight look, stylish fringe cut will suit you. The sleek bangs are admirable for every face shape. It looks sexy and gorgeous. Bang is a shape cut of the front part of the hair as its little fringes lies on the forehead. A beautifully cut fringe is straight above the eyebrows, but can also be spiked shaped up with hair gel, can be swept on one side of the face or cut long to fall over the eyes. Bangs can be styled in any hairstyle. Girls can make their look more elegant and sophisticated. Whether bold  or soft and wispy, perfectly styled bangs can give a regular unique look in the whole personality.

Hair Styles For Men

Hairstyles refers to the term hair do or styling with your hair according to the latest trends. Hairstyles reflects the personal grooming of the person. In early times, only women were too much conscious about their hairstyles but as the fashion trends increased and fashion industry got popular men also started getting worried about their looks. Apart from others perceptions of people , hairstyles for men is a comparatively inexpensive way to build your looks and seek some attention. With the change in your hairstyle, enables you to update your personality for a reason of what it would cost to cover your dressing, and there’s nothing worth much more to help you feel like a new man.

How to do Asian Eye Make Up?

Makeup is a world of colors. The pretty colors applied to face to make you beautiful is make up. There are different categories in makeup including American makeup, British make up, Canadian makeup, Indian make up, Asian makeup etc. Asian make up is ever fashionable among all. It is referred to as the most traditional makeup world wide. The Asian women are very much conscious about their looks. The most artistic in Asian makeup is eye makeup.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Birth is the beginning. Birthday is the annual anniversary day that a person celebrates. It is the chance to grow one more step in life. It is the window to a new journey to fulfill your desires in life. So,birthday is a memorable occasion in one’s life.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

February is celebrated as a month of romance and love. The Valentines day is honored on February 14th. The history of Valentines is still obscure but the origin of this day for the expression of love is not really romance at least not in the sense of tradition. This day dates back its tradition since ancient Romans. It is said that the Valentines day is celebrated in the memory of St.Valentines who was the Roman priest at the time. There was a emperor of the church called Claudius. He prohibited the marriages of young people. He thought that the unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, as they might be scared about the fact that what would happen to their wives and children after them.Valentines was caught and imprisoned for performing marriage ceremony against the order of emperor Claudius. A man called Asterius was in the line of judgement in the Roman law had a blind daughter. Valentines fell in love with that her, and the story of love began. When Valentines was sentenced he wrote his last words to Asterius’ daughter that said in the end ‘FROM YOUR VALENTINES’.

How to do Cat Eyes Makeup?

Eye makeup is always a prominent part of make over. The perfect eye makeup is really an art. There are different styles of eye make. The ever most fashionable among all is cat eyes makeup. It looks really flattering and mysterious as compared to other eye makeup styles. The cat eye make up is an all time favorite make up look. It is yet fresh and the fastest way to look you best.

HSY Bridal Collection 2013 – 2014

In early ages people were not that much familiar with fashion. But as the awareness increased fashion become so popular everywhere. People are now much aware and conscious about what to wear and how they look.

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