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Borjan Summer Footwear Collection 2013

Fashion trend and recent arrivals have captured the whole world but fashion trends change with advancement by of time and variation of seasons. Fashion has groomed itself and besides clothing industry footwear industry has also developed well in last few years. Today we have many footwear brands but Borjan is one of the top shoe brands. Borjan is famous not only for A2050-219 its stylish and trendy shoes but also for its affordable prices and edgy quality of durable and comfortable shoes. Like every year Borjan this year introduces fabulous Summer Footwear Collection which comprises of shoes for all occasion wear. Borjan Summer Footwear Collection 2013 offers exclusive variety of high heel shoes, sandals and slippers to A2050-723 grab attention of ladies.

Ways to Improve Memory

Memory is important for our life and everyone is endowed with different amount of memory. A strong memory depends

Home Remedies for Soft Hands

  Hands are the most important part of our body because we do almost all things with our hands and they are most frequently used part of our body. Like or face, our hands also serve as bridge to this world and our hands are exposed to all sort of germs, dirt,A2060-350 sunlight and harsh substances so our hand need special care. Here in this article we are focusing on certain home remedies for soft hands.

Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is one of the most prevailing and severe problem of society. Girls want to look pretty but acne decrease their beauty. Girls love to have smooth, shiny skin free of pimples and acne but variation in temperature and activation of sebaceous gland lead to sever problem of acne and pimples. Acne itself is not infective but when dust particles come in contact with sebum on face it facilitate growth of bacteria and cause infective pimples fill with pus and debris. Few health tips to get rid of acne and pimples are discussed briefly in this article.

Stylo Footwear Summer Collection 2013

Stylo is one of famous brand of shoes, handbags and accessories in

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Pakistan. In 1974 Stylo brand put its first step in fashion industry but today

Healthy Tips For Thick Long Hairs

Beautiful thick strong hairs are dream of every girl. Ladies love to have thick luscious hairs because long and healthy hairs are sign of beauty. But to keep long healthy soft hairs, proper care, time, healthy nutrition and good quality shampoo is required. Leaving any one of above will results brittle hairs, hair damage, split ends and ultimately hair fall.

Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013

Sana Safinaz are the most inspiring and famous fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry. Sana Safinaz brand is owned by two graceful ladies Sana Haswani and Safina Muneer. These respected ladies once again launched fabulous lawn collection for Summer season 2013. Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013 comprises of versatile dresses which are beautifully stitched. Stylish lawn dresses consist of 3 piece suits, shirt with classical embroidery and printed dupattas are exclusively designed to grab attention of ladies. Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2013 offers variety of suits for both casual and formal wear. The lawn collection is available in amazing and sizzling colors with simple but streamlined cuts to give unique look to customers. Elegant styles and eye-catching prints are the things seen in every dress of this collection.

Lakhani Lawn Collection 2013

Lakhani once again launched its exclusive Summer Lawn Collection 2013. Lakhani Lawn Collection 2013 offers high quality lawn suits for ladies with latest trendy prints that greatly appealed to ladies. Lakhani Summer Collection comprises of 3 piece suits with more well-defined, deep and intricate prints. Majority of outfits have long shirts with choridar pajamas and flared trousers or palazzo. Lakhani lawn comprises of suits for both formal and casual wear.

NA – 31

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90 polling stations of NA – 31. Abdullah has obtained 71 votes from PML (N) . he is hoping to have large number of votes

MQM Candidate Nabeel Gabool’s Success

Nabeel Gabool has won round about more than 1 lakh votes in NA – 246. He has claimed that his success is just beacause of his fan-following. Well, whatever is the reason behind his success , but its a great honor for MQM to have

ECP Admitted Its Failure in Karachi

Election Committee of Pakistan has admitted its failure to hold the fair and healthy elections in Karachi. ECP

ECP Is Successful in Conducting Votes

Election Committee of Pakistan has declared that this time in

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