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Author: Nisa Anwaar

Winter Shoes Trends 2014

Behold Everyone! Winter is finally here! The cold days, the smoky fog and rubbing of hands for heat brings back the charm of winters. Another thing more exciting about winters is dressing in all the trendy Jerseys, jackets, jeans, long coats and wearing woolen clothes. A perfect pair of shoe adds to everything if it goes well with the fashion.
This winter a lot of versatility has been added to the shoes collection and new shoes collection is much awaited. From pumps and flat to chunky heels and sandals to long boots stylish yet simple and elegant and comforting innovations have collectively made the new winter collection of shoes. So, today we will be discussing about some Winter Shoes Trends 2014.

Winter Accessories Trends to Look Forward in 2013

Accessories have now become the most important part of someone’s style statement. You dress up classy and you don’t wear good accessories, spoils your image in seconds.

Social media sites – Some Bad Effects

Social media sites are now trending a lot, a lot to this extent that they have started effecting humans psychologically and emotionally.
A few decades back, internet was a blessing, a gateway to knowledge and a wonderful luxurious thing. Internet was used for gaining information about stuff. It was used for “actual communication”. What is it now? A social media site typically means a website which allows users to connect through internet, interact on internet with other people, share some stuff / activities, or you can say how one represents itself personally on internet without any interference of distances, however internet connection does matter.
Time passed and social media sites made their way to a level that they started interfering real lives. Now the day has come where every organization has an official profile on social networking sites, where every person from schools’ students’ to professionals to jobless has a profile on atleast on of many social media sites. The power of negativities added by social media sites in our lives can be estimated from some of the following facts:
Depression and other health effects
As Mohammed Gol says

5 Colors for Winters 2013

Color is fun, color is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, and the window of the soul.

– Rachel Wolf
Colors have always been a source to reflect your personality, to make a unique personal statement of yours. This year celebrate winters by adding some fun colors to your wardrobe. These colors are going to be your favorites in your wardrobe as they are going to give you a starry look in warm furry clothes.

Pakistan Idol


“American idol has now become the top rated show of the televisions”. American idol’s 12th season has started. This globally recognized show which attracted more than 460 million viewers from all over the world has now been officially launched in Pakistan in 2013 under the banner of Geo Entertainment Network. Pakistani singers are famous worldwide in all genres of singing for the quality of voice and knowledge of music and singing. Pakistan idol will be the best possible platform provided to the youth to recognize, sharpen and showcase their singing talent in front of the world.

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