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Author: Momina Tayyaba

Get Your Eid Jewelry from Rangeeni

To own beautiful and elegant jewelry is one of the most prioritized things for almost all women. No matter what their age is, jewelry is weakness of every woman on planet. For every event, they want some awesome piece of jewelry that can compliment their dress and enhance the beauty of their personalities. Rangeeni is a brand that makes great jewelry. Let’s have a look on their products.

Buns n Braided Hair-A Must For This Eid

Hair style is a vital part of your personality build-up. Along with trendy dresses and fine make up, hair do needs to be great too. If hair are not done in a proper way, all your effort goes to vain. According to a survey, one of the top elements that make a woman beautiful is to have good hair-do sense. /If you don’t pay much attention to your hair styles, the oomph factor can’t be created. Basically hair give you the final finishing touch to your get up.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed-Shoes n Bags

Once upon a time, Gul Ahmed was name of only clothing and sheets. But that time is long gone. Gul Ahmed has enhanced it’s areas of concern to a vast range. From ready to wear to raw fabric for your dresses, a dress for your guy or for your kid; you can have all. A lot of varieties are also there for women’s wear collection. And to enhance the elegance of the Gul Ahmed dresses, there are shoes and bags too for you.  You can add up to the vibrancy of your personality with these.

Gul Ahmed-Best Choice For Eid 2013

Gul Ahmed is one of the finest brands in women’s wear category. The stuff Gul Ahmed provides is very tempting and it gives an amazing touch to the femininity that enhances the beauty and elegance of your personality. Especially if we talk about  the Lawn collection, Gul Ahmed has always provided very fine designs embedded on extremely delicate fabric. Gul Ahmed claims to provide the “original lawn”, and I personally think they claim it right!

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