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Rangeen Biryani Recipe

Rice are always very much loved no matter in what way they are cooked. Whether they are having some desi taste or you opt for some international recipe to cook them; rice are always loved. And when it comes to Biryani, one doesn’t simply resist it. So for all the lovers of rice, here we have a latest recipe for you to try and enjoy. Rangeen Biryani is going to be the next favorite dish of you in the rice category.

Kashmiri Namkeen Chicken

Chicken is liked all over the world very much. Specially here in Pakistan, we can have numerous recipes made with chicken depending upon our taste. Also, as our country is consisting of various regional tastes, we can have a lot more ways to cook one simple chicken. Kashmiris have very different taste and they cook their food in very unique way. One of such recipes is here below. You are for sure going to love it and try it as soon as you can! Kashmiri Namkeen Chicken is one of most delicious dishes you will ever taste.

Tuna Casserole Recipe

Most girls who are new in the cooking experience start from baking recipes. If you are one of them then this article is specially for you. Tune Casserole is going to be your next favorite thing to try for sure. Have a look on this yummy recipe.

Try Different – Chicken Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kabab is basically made of mutton or beef mince. The concept of kabab is more related to mutton or mince instead of chicken or fish. But yet some people do like chicken kababs as well. Here is a recipe for those who want to enjoy the typical chapli kabab made with chicken. These are delicious and absolutely delightful.

Espicada Chicken Wonder

Epsicada Chicken is one of it’s kind recipe. It has taste and you can easily fall in love with it within no time. I wont say much about Epsicada Chicken. Why don’t you keep reading and find out your self!

Black Pepper Chicken

Black pepper is very intimidating spice and it makes our food very delicious. Many people who dislike red chili or have some health issues like blood pressure and heart diseases; are highly recommended to avoid red pepper and use black instead. Here is a recipe of Black Pepper Chicken for such people. Well, it has it’s own perks too. If you are not patient you still can enjoy this delicious dish as it is an individual dish itself.

Make Hokkien Noodles Your Meal

Noodles are among those edibles which are very easy to cook and they take no amount of time to get ready. You can prepare them on very short notice and the bets part about them is that you can always come up with a new and innovative recipe of your own. Hokkien Noodles is such a recipe which you will definitely love because of it’s delightful taste and ease of cooking. Here is the recipe for it.

Malai Sandwich For Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day as it is the beginning of a long day. Hence you need a proper start so that you can have a healthy initialization of your daily routine. It is a famous saying, Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a pauper. And it is now scientifically proved that people who have a proper breakfast in routine have more healthy mind and body.

Pink Launches Sale!

Pink is one of the trendiest brands when it comes to shoes. The name of the brand attracts itself as Pink is favorite color of most women out there. And when we look at the collection of the elegant, comfortable and stylish shoes; it’s a heaven for a woman. This is very reason Pink is very famous and many girls want it so badly.

Rang Ja Eid Collection 2013

Rang Ja is not a very old brand. It is a newly established brand that has attained all the attention of young women within no time. The brand is known for it’s rare and exhilarating introduction of colors and cuts. The liberating collection of Rang Ja is popular and gives you exquisite chance to add up to the life of your wardrobe.

Chinyere Eid Collection ’13 In Stores

Chinyere is one of those brands which is loved for it’s elegance and high precision of pretty clothes. This brand was established in year 2000 and gained success and acceptance in the market within no time. The main cause is the traditional look given to the dresses with a touch of trendy and stylish dressing code. Whether you want something to wear on casual days or you want something formal enough to wear on weddings and events, Chinyere is an excellent choice to make in all seasons.

Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World Kamlee Eid Collection 2013

Hadiqa Kiani is a well known personality of Pakistan. Since a few past years, it is a trend that every other celebrity is launching their own line of fabric. The best part about this trend is that these lines are very trendy, stylish and unique as compared to other ordinary fabric collections. Hadiqa Kiani has proved her amazing and brilliant fashion sense as her Lawn is very catchy. Once you see the designs and prints, you can’t hold back your appreciation and love for the great patterns.

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