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Author: Iqra Nazir

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ: The best Man who ever walked on the Earth

1400 years ago, there was a Man who spends His whole life for the betterment of all the communities. He cried for the forgiveness not only for those who follow Him, but also for others that were against His teachings. He was none other than the best ever Reformer and the Preacher on the Earth, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ.

The Wrecking Ball Lamp

The lamp in your living room is a complete depiction of your personality, lifestyle and mood. If you are fun loving person you will choose anything that is odd and colorful. But if you are serious and reserved person then you will absolutely go towards decent, trendy and sharp kind of lamps. So, the wrecking ball lamp is one of those lamps which you want to buy for your living rooms.

Bangles Collection 2013

Bangles are the main part of traditional ornaments of  Woman belongs to South Asia mainly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In weddings, parties, family functions and other occasion bangles is the main thing of jewelry. Gold, glass, silver and other handmade bangles are in fashion. Hyderabad and Rajasthan are famous for their bangles. Women from all the categories of age like bangles to wear. Price of bangles is ranging from hundreds to thousands or even in lacks in case of diamond work. These prices depend on two main factors that are metal used and artifacts or further work on metal.

Winter Collection of Sweaters for Women 2013

The word “winter” when come into your mind you absolutely go towards sweaters, jackets, shawls, dry fruits, coffee  and many more things like that. In old ages ,when there was no concept of brand people use homemade sweaters to keep their bodies warm. But In 20th century sweaters now enter in the fashion industries. People especially women choose different brands to remain safe from winter winds and to look stylish and trendy. In winter different color are in fashion but women mainly prefer white, brown, black and other dark colors. Long and short both styles are now in. A winter collection of sweaters for women of 2013 are now on air. Bonanza, Cross Roads, Oxford, Forestblu are some good names  for latest sweaters fashion in Pakistan. Choose any one out of these brands according to your style.

Holocaust Facts and Palestine Conflict

Holocaust (“Sacrifice for fire”) started in 1933 by Hitler and ended in 1945 when Germany was defeated by Allied forces. This issue in history mainly is referred to Nazi’s government who was involved in the plan of the slaughter of Jews by using gas chamber in World War II.

HAARP Technology and Earthquake Wars

HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program) is a man-made high power ultrasonic wave system which introduced by the researchers to develop an advance radio communication system and improve GPS navigation technology for underground and underwater research work. In the start of this technology it was under the control of CIA and US military. US navy gave the image to the civilians that they were using this technology for submarine communication and mineral (oil, gas) sensing.

The World Muslimah Beauty Contest 2013

In 2010 a women Eka Shanty laid foundation of the world Muslimah organization and beauty contest to give the world an alternative of “Miss World Contest”. She started that organization in Indonesia when she had to give her resign from her job because of her Hijab.

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