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Author: Iqra Altaf

Make up Tutorial: How to make Smoky Eyes?

Smoky eyes is done with one color of eye shadow. Brown, grey, or black are good choices. Dark plum or navy blue are for the brave & bold look. Eyeliners should also match the eye shadow that you are using.

sahalwar kameez

Fashion & Color Trends For Spring Summer 2014

Today I will posting few major Pakistani Fashion & Color Trends For Spring Summer 2014. Today, the Pakistani women are more bold and confident. They like to experiment and love to adopt different kinds of fashion. So my personal point or view is that every Pakistani girl is a designer and carry fashion in a trendy way. This years we are expecting to see many changes in trends which were existing since a long time. Here I would like t mention especially about long shirts. People are now fed up of this design and are looking for some change.


Health Benefits of Peach

Peach is a  delicious juicy fruit. It find its origins from China and is now popular in all over the world. The Health Benefits of Peach are known to its regular eater. Peaches are a  sources of vitamins, minerals,  and other chemical contents. This fruit looks like an apple in shape measuring about 7-10 cm and about 130 g in weight. It is naturally juicy and sweet with a lovely aroma.There are a lot of benefits of eating peach.

How to Make Long and Strong Hair

Every woman wants long and healthy hair. Hair increase the beauty of every woman and this is true for all women. Hair, and appearance, matters in everyone’s life. Some people think that it is too difficult to make their hair long and strong. But, here we tell you some tips in this respect. Apply these tips and get healthy and strong hair. These steps are very simple. If a woman has long and strong hair then she can make every kind of style in her hair.

green tea

Green Tea – A Healthy Alternative

Today million of people grow green tea in different parts of the world.Green tea mostly consume in India,japan,China and Thailand.But today it is  becoming popular in the whole world due to its health benefits and researches that prove that green tea holds solutions to a lot of different problems.There is a proper way to make a green tea.

colorful nail art

Different Nail Art

Nail art as a concept is very popular and people love to enhance their nails with creative designs and using different art forms. Remember that the good looking nails equally reflect a part of your dress up. Many people have begun starting taking this as a career opportunity because it seems as a profitable business to them. I think that you will soon find shops making attractive designs on your nails, like today you have tattoo making shops in the market. This art for once – you will really enjoy and you would find yourself lost in it.

15th August 2013 Islamabad Incident

Islamabad incident shows the sheer negligence of police and law enforcement agencies. One man held Islamabad hostage for nearly 5 hours. The complete administration of federal capital got shocked and jammed for a while and no government representative turned up and dared to negotiate with the armed man. The armed man is believed to have some hidden agenda. Sikandar was accompanied by his wife and children.

top rich list in arabe

Top 10 Richest Arabs in the World

The 10 rich most Arabs in the world help to grow their country in the economic field. They have achieved success in their profession. Their success is in different types of fields like construction and industries, banking and finance and energy sector. These personalities are honorable for us because someone said:

smokey eyes

Smoky Eyes Tutorial

Smoky eyes are in fashion these days. However, there are some important points that must be kept in mind. Smoky eyes is done with one color of eye shadow. Brown, grey, or black are good choices. Dark plum or navy colors are for the brave. Eyeliners should also match in eye shadow color match.

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