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I am Fareeha Javeed. I am doing BBA from IB&M, UET, LHR. I have done work with LXY Global on retail conferences. I got higher marks in the projects of Marketing, Total Quality Management and Productivity Management. I have passed International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest, 2007 at junior level. Now I am learning about blogging, that how it works.

Kofta Alu Bukhara

Recipe of Kofta Alu Bukhara

Kofta alu Bukhara is a very famous and delicious dish in Pakistan which is made with potato and cottage cheese balls stuffed with dried prunes cooked in spicy sauce. It is very easy to cook.


Recipe of Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian:

Chicken Manchurian is a very famous dish in Pakistan and it is usually eaten fried rice or egg fried rice. It is very easy to make at home. Below here is the recipe of Chicken Manchurian is given.

dahi baday

Recipe of Lucknowi Dahi Bade

Lucknowi Dahi Bade:

Dahi bade is very common and simple dish in every season. It is very easy to make. It’s a dish in which a stuffed tender dumplings in spicy yogurt sauce is prepared. This recipe is can be made by following these instructions given below.

Hyderabadi Bhagaru Baingan

Recipe of Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan

Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan:

Today’s recipe is from a Mughal trend. A classic Mughal dish of Hyderabadi Bagharu Baingan. This dish originate from the Mughal era. And they are fond of food. This is very simple, tasty and spicy recipe which can be ready in 30 minutes. Here are all the instructions regarding this recipe.

afghani pulao

Recipe of Afghani Pulao

Afghani Pulao is the one of those dishes which are famous in Pakistan. This pulao is having a little bit sweetish taste because of its specialty. It is very easy to cook at home. Its procedure is almost same as simple pulao have. Below are some instructions to make Afghani pulao.

ande ka halwa

Recipe of Ande Ka Halwa

Sweets are of two types. Some sweets are eaten after being chilled and some before chilled. How many of you people are from Pakistan or India???? If you are not from these countries then you will be surprised after reading or hearing the word Egg halwa. Because this recipe is not so common at anywhere. But the fact is that it really exists. It is very common dish in Pakistan and India. As we all know that halwa is from one of those dishes with are eaten before chilling. Egg halwa is very delicious dish and it gives us energy also. It’s very easy to make in few minutes.

fruit yogurt

Recipe of Fruit Yogurt

In summer everyone is worried and not relaxed because of hotness of the weather. Fruits and juices are mostly used in this season. We have many types of fruits in this season which boost up our energy level. We used them in many ways such as directly eating them, making shakes, fruit juices and using them in drinks. We can also use them with yogurt to make a healthy drink which refreshes us. It’s very easy to use fruits with yogurt. There are many types of drinks which can be made by using fruits and yogurt like, raspberry fruit yogurt, low fat banana yogurt, creamy fruit drink, mixed fruits yogurt, fruity milk shake with yogurt etc. I am sharing the recipe of mixed fruits yogurt with you people. I am sure that you will enjoy it. You will be have fun in making this easiest, delicious and healthiest recipe. You can give it to your children and they will love you and enjoy to drink it. So it will minimize your worries that you face every day when your child refuse to eat something. It’s the beauty of this recipe that no one say no to  it. There is no hard and fast rule in it.

Layered Biryani

Recipe of Layered Biryani

Do you like Pakistani foods???? It is its specialty that, one who eats it never let it go. We use different spices to make them delicious and tasteful. When we gather, all of us demand biryani, karahi and all such Pakistani foods. Biryani is one of the most popular  food in our country. There are a lot of ways to cook different kinds of  biryani. Sindhi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Multani biryani, Chicken biryani, Layered biryani and many more. Layered biryani is one of those dishes, which are very delicious and having a stunning look which makes our mouth wet.


Recipe of Spaghetti

We eat many types of foods in our life but, we like some the most. Different families like different types of foods according to their custom. Our elders do not like Italian or Chinese foods but, today’s generation like it most. Spaghetti, noodles, burgers, macaroni and many others which give them a delightful taste. So, they demand these foods at home and our mothers are worried about it.

delicious ras malai

Recipe of Rasmalai

Rasmalai is one of the most demanding and ideal dessert in every occasion. Its soft small balls immersed in chilled creamy milk gives a delightful impression in front of the person. Most of  the women think that it is very difficult to cook at home. But I am telling all of you that it is very easy to cook at home. Do not be hesitate to make it. Here I will tell you the most easiest and simple way to make the rasmalai. Below there is a list of all the ingredients which are used in rasmalai.

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