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Author: Aqsa Meer

Winter Collection of Scarfs and Mufflers 2014

A scarf, also known as muffler, stole or neck rap is a type of fabric that is worn around the neck or head to depict fashion, some religious ritual or to keep oneself warm. Whenever the winter season comes, everyone wants to wear scarf and stoles of different colors.  Scarf and mufflers add design, class and style to your clothing and can take your look to completely a new level. So, considering this chilling winters, in our today’s post we will show you the Winter Collection of Scarfs and Mufflers 2014. At the same time we will be telling you some important things related to these scarfs and mufflers.

Minnie Minors Winter Collection 2013

Minnie Minors is one of the famous and without symptoms well-known brand  who has been working in the theater of design since collection 1998 and since then they deadly released so in abundance periodic and unforeseen accumulation. Minnie Minors is a place where you find some of the best outfits. Minnie Minor provides unexpected exhaustion to celebration decline outfits in fashionable sewing designs. Recently, Minnie Minors has released their children collection of clothes 2013 for this chilling winter.

Fashionable Winter Caps/Hats For Girls

When winter season is just around the corner everyone begins to gather winter season outfits that will suit them in the season.

AL-Karam Winter Collection 2013

Al-Karam the most popular and top quality women style brand has revealed its unique winter year collection 2013. This collection is based on outfits that are exclusively designed according to the styles and shades of winter year time.

Recipe of Bihari Kabab

Bihari kabab is one of the popular and delightful Pakistani recipes. You will discover this in Food street, Lahore and many other locations of Pakistan it’s so spicy and delightful that it will make your day vibrant.

Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2013

Style means a existing pattern of dress, that has been implemented in community for the specific interval. But exciting thing is that how does fashion travel from area to area ? And how does a way reach and become popular among community in short period of time ? In the previous years pictures were the main source to distribute fashion towards community. Although the method of distributing pattern is still in use but these days the satellite TV and wireless transmission is on the wake to give reputation to fashion.

Winter Eid Collection 2013 by Maria B

Hello Charming Girls and Ladies,these days we deliver another amazing Eid-Ul Azha collection for you. This collection is provided by one of the most popular and wonderful clothing developer Maria B. Few months before Maria B  presented her Pure cotton Collection 2013 for females and after getting a very positive response she has launched the Eid Collection 2013-14. Here are some casual wear dresses.

Mutton (Gosht) Biryani

Biryani is a bit of project and is time consuming but I have never been disappointed with the result. Since it is such a festival dish. We usually make it for dinner parties. It is a huge hit.

Borjan Footware

It has been noticed that styles changes quickly during social activities in Indian and Pakistan. Eid is the most enjoyable spiritual event in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan style market has modified into fully operated developed market in recent days. Fashion has groomed itself like a beauty king. Beside the outfits market, shoes market has also evolved in last few decades. Today we have several manufacturers in shoes.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a dessert flavorful with dissolved chocolate or cocoa powder. Chocolate cake is made up with chocolate; it can be created with other substances, as well. These substances consist of fudge, vanilla flavor creme, and other sweeteners

Ego Eid Collection 2013

Ego is one of the leading and stylish brand of our country which is delivering a unique products for females every year. For this fall/winter year they presented current style pattern. Women can discover in this selection, fantastic extra long tops with wonderful sewing designs with trouser, shalwar and leggings.

Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Soup is a very important food item in winter season. In winter season soup keeps us warm and every one appreciate it very much. Maize is very excellent for your health. So here  is a very delightful maize lovely formula.

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