Arrange Marriages in Pakistan is a type of marital union in which bride and groom are selected by the parents and elders of their family. Love marriage and Arrange Marriages In Pakistan is always a topic of debate. Marriages in Pakistan are based on legal relationships of men and women. Arrange marriages are formed by  parents and elders of a family they know their children since your birth so they do arrange marriages and surely it has less weird results than many of others.

In Pakistani culture it is not only the relationship between husband and wife but it is also the union of their families and mostly elder parents think that it is not concerned about the two persons but also their families and lives. That is why people want their children to get arrange marriages for their better lives. Arrange marriages are common in Pakistan because the results of arrange marriage is often good and it always seems better than the relationships that formed today by online means and dating etc.

Observations shows that arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages. Arrange marriages are in the culture of Pakistan and they are done mostly in their families ethnic groups. Mostly parents prefer cousin marriage for their children because they think that he or she will be easily adjusted in their own family rather than out of family. In some families parents give the right to children for the final the final decision of their life partner but many families final decision is in the hand of parents which is combining them as bride and groom.

The success ratio of arrange marriages in Pakistan is higher than in many different countries. According to the research in 2003 the success ratio of semi arrange marriages are 89%, complete arrange marriage is 77% and love marriages are of 69% In Pakistan. Semi arrange marriages has the better results and the reason is in this marriage both parents and life partners know their families  and each other and they can at least get to know compatibility between them. Love marriages are often unsuccessful, sometimes parents of one’s or both families are not willing because of the class difference, religious issues, life styles, social norms or many other issues. In love marriages most of children do not get support from their parents and families so they suffer a lot. So semi arrange marriages are best in which parents and partners both are willing at least they know them in limited capacity their way of living, their families and values etc.

With the growing age society has changed a lot social media is spoiling our younger generation badly. And the trend of dating, online relationships, nikkah is increasing which is against the culture and also the teachings of Islam. But everything has its dark side too. In arrange marriages most of the times you know the truth about your partner or their family but your parents continuously push you sometimes parents never think about their children and they concern with people and so called society that people making fun of them and what relatives will say? What other people will think? What the hell other people are? you have your own life and you can do whatever you want because after marriage you don’t have any other option but of stay and stick with your partner all the life just for the sake of your parents. In love marriage you at least know that someone whom you love care and understand you and is supportive to you always.