Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists. The world should unite against  Israel. -Angelina Jolie

Yes, The biggest star, actress and a devoted humanitarian Angelina Jolie stated this against the Israeli brutality in Palestine. The time when the whole world is unite against Israeli terrorism in Palestine, protests are made, products are banned each and every young and adult is protesting in his own way to stop Israeli terror in Palestine. In this hour of need, when the whole Muslim world is unite against Israel, a bunch of people from other religions are joining hands to help Palestine, too. When everyone is raising his voice to support Gaza, Palestine, a devoted lady, a Goodwill Ambassador of United Nations, Angelina Jolie issued her statement saying “The Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists. The world should unite against Israel.” these words clearly unveil the face of “Real Terrorist”.


Lot of people from Jewish community are also raising their voice against Israel. People think that the main support to Israel is providing by the super power, America and they are of course right because America was the only country which did not signed the cease-war notice issued by United Nations. America is the only country which is supporting Israel, patting its back against Palestine.Whereas 29 countries showed the positive response to cease-war notice.

Palestine which is now burning for years at the hands of its oppressor Israel is still unknown to many Americans just because their media is hiding a lot of significant things to gain sympathy for Israel. An American reporter, Alison weir tried on her own to take the mask-off the face of US media’s false reporting on Palestine-Israel conflict. These are some people who have a heart on their side otherwise this is the end of any kind of brutality. Her words are enough to urge someone to stand against Israel as she addressed “Come to Palestine and see how your tax dollars are spent.”