Android Developer

In order to know about the Android developer jobs, lets go through the main idea of Android, its development and the developers.

Android software development is a process by which new applications are created for this particular Operating System. These applications are usually made in Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit. According to a survey, till last year more than 1 million applications have been developed for Android with over 25 billion downloads. Thus the the basic idea behind an Android developer is to find someone who is capable of coping with competition to find the most innovative application for Android.

Top 5 Android Developer Jobs in Pakistan

Android: The world’s most popular mobile platform

Android powers millions of mobile devices in over 190 countries all around the globe. Known to be the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast every other day, more million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

Android gives you a competitive world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users, as well as an open market place for distributing to them instantly.

Top 5 jobs for Android developers:

Job No. 05: Android Application Programmer Required

Company: AEDesign (pvt) Ltd
Industry: Engineering
Position: Manager
Location: Lahore
Education required: Post Graduation with 3 years minimum experience
Salary: 45,000 – 50,000 PKR/ Month
Description: 2+ yeara experience of java and android in profession environment TCP/IP + UDP/IP socket programming. Interfacing gaming / USB HID device with android app. Drawing 2D graphics in Android Application.

Job No. 04: Senior Android Developer Required

Company: QBXNet Ltd
Industry: Information Technology
Location: Karachi
Education required: Minimum Post Graduation with 2 years of non-manager/officer experience
Salary: 30,000 – 100000 PKR/ Month
Description: The software Hub is in need of exceptionally talented Android Developer who wil be a key member of our team.
Skills required: Ample Java experience to guide the development of the next generation of mobile technologies . A team driven participant who can conduct a full range of software engineering tasks including coding, testing, and documentation for an N-tier object-oriented medical practice management application.
At least 2-5 years experience of deploying and developing iOS and/or Android apps
Certified experience in Android development with some apps to your name
Experience with JSON and XML.
Experience in Linux development
Experience with Objective-C, XCode, Cocoa, the iPhone SDK and Interface Builder.
Understands Android development issues i.e, compatibility across different brands/vendors/screen-sizes
Must have a know how of Multi-threading, custom interfaces and animations
Working experience with REST APIs and SQLite
Ability to read Objective-C (iOS/iPhone/iPad) Code

Job No. 03: Android Application Developer Required

Company: iSplendid
Industry: Information Technology
Location: Karachi
Education required: Minimum Bachelor’s (Experienced)
Salary: 30,000 – 60,000 PKR/ Month
Description: The company is looking for experienced/intermediate android developers.
The candidate must have vast knowledge of architecting, designing, developing and testing complex applications for a variety of Android devices. An excellent understanding of software design & patterns, intermediate debugging skills and concrete work ethic are essential.
Skills required: Strong programming skills in JAVA, OOPs. Experience in Android graphics, animation and UI designing with different screen dimentions. Good knowledge of SDKs. Strong Design/Develope database skills. Should have a working experience of OOP, Eclipse IDE, Design patterns, XML, JSON and multimedia object Oriented Technique. Knowledge of iOS, Symbian, Flex, Bada etc.
Programming Languages: Java
Interface Protocols: JSON
Operating System: Android, Mobile Phone Service, iOS
Processes: OOP, ReSharper, Software Design

Job No. 02: Android/Server Java Developer Required

Company: Via Connections
Industry: Call Center
Location: Karachi
Education required: Bachelor’s Degree (undergraduate/Graduate) with minimum 2 years experience
Salary: 50,000 – 100,000 PKR/ Month
Description: Multi-national Company looking for Java developer who knows android and server Java. Google Cloud Hosting and Microsoft Azure hosting will be a plus. Need to have ability to built RestAPI in JSON and XML. Should know graphic designing. Very good understanding and speaking ability in English.
Programming Language: Java
Interface Protocols: JSON
Operating System: Android
Processes: Web Solutions

Job No. 01: Software Engineer – Android Required

Company: Techknox Systems
Industry: Information Technology
Location: Lahore
Education required: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree (BS/CS) with one year experience
Salary: 35,000 – 45,000 PKR/ Month
Description: Looking for an Android Developer to join our ongoing quest to create the most exceptional, innovative and creative mobile solutions.
An experienced Android developer with proven chops in building android apps and has a work experience with multi developer projects. You will be given a role to help lead and shape Android apps covering vast array of functionality, from start-ups to the fortune 100, working with experienced designers, project managers, engineers and QA professionals in a stimulating environment.
Key Responsibilities: Build prototypes/Proof of Concepts. Design and Development in Core Java or C++ for Android Mobile Phones. Ability to work directly with management and practice Android Development.
Skills required: At least 1-2 years of solid experience in the field. At least 2 apps in android store of your own. Kindly provide URLs too. A person who follows schedule and is able to communicate clearly and keeps every colleague informed of progress. Good understanding of Java and Android life cycle, garbage collection and design patterns. Demonstrable portfolio of applications you have worked on. Experience of targeting multiple Android devices from multiple manufacturers and across all OS versions. Experience with HTTP and REST web services, git version control system, agile development methodology, good communication and presentation skills
Programming Languages: Java
Source Controls: Git
Interface Protocols: Web Services
Operating Systems: Linux System, Android, Windows
Processes: Object Oriented Design